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Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Whirlwind Review

Whirlwind gets the title of the dorkiest villain to grace the Marvel Legends toy line yet.  Short of getting The Big Wheel, I think we have our winner in this category for quite some time as well.  David Cannon is […]

Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Taskmaster Review

It’s been over ten years since we’ve had a Taskmaster figure in Marvel Legends.  The last Taskmaster was in the Toybiz “Legendary Riders” series of 2005.  That original toy was in the classic costume.  This new figure is in the […]

Marvel Legends Onslaught Series Mockingbird Review

It’s been a month since the last Marvel Legends wave I picked up.  This year is starting off fast and furious with a Spider-Man wave that was released in January and now a Captain America wave for February!  It seems […]

Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid 5 D-Dog Review

“Just look at that dog… no… You named him ‘D-Dog,’ but it’s obvious … ANYONE can see that’s a wolf!”  A pretty on the nose quote by Dr. Huey Emmerich during his questioning and exile from Mother Base.  Though a […]

Vulcanlog Metal Gear Solid 5 Venom Snake Review

Never in my life have I had an action figure with so many points of articulation that was so hard to pose!  Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was pretty much my favorite game of 2015, and it received […]

Mattel MOTUC Lord Masque Review

Our first Masters of the Universe Classics figure of the year is usually where I start making resolutions and such to review these figures.  Nope, not this year.  I have no idea what I’m going to do this year.  I […]

S. H. Figuarts Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi (EP1) Review

Bandai’s first Star Wars Episode 1 figure for 2016 is none other than the illustrious Obi-Wan Kenobi.  While I love getting troopers, robots, and helmets, the main characters are exciting additions and where it’s at.  Especially when those characters get […]

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Absorbing Man BAF Review

Finally we come upon the build-a-figure for the first Spider-Man wave of 2016: Absorbing Man.  Both Toybiz and Hasbro have given us action figures of this character at different points in time.  The Toybiz version was part of the Hulk […]

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Jack O’Lantern Review

The nice thing about getting one or two offbeat characters like Jack O’Lantern per wave is that they eventually start to connect with the others.  Not only can he just hang out on my Spider-Man shelf, but he can now […]