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Stranger Things M.U.S.C.L.E. Mini Figures, What?

If you are like me, your first reaction to finishing ‘Stranger Things‘ on Netflix was, “boy I wish they would make M.U.S.C.L.E. figures of the cast!” Well, thanks to Alien Robot Monster this is now a reality! The first two-pack […]

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #34 Darth Revan Review

If you haven’t played the Knights of the Old Republic video game series then the name ‘Darth Revan‘ isn’t likely a familiar one. That’s okay though! Just head on over to Wookiepedia and spend a few months reading the novel […]

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #33 Sabine Wren Review

From the small sampling I’ve subjected myself to, the Star Wars: Rebels television show is pretty enjoyable. It isn’t something I’d tune into weekly in order to see new episodes, but if my son is watching it I’ll take a […]

Top 10 Hasbro Marvel Legends of 2016

It’s that time of year again for those beloved ‘Best Of‘ posts filled with hot takes and questionable opinions! But wait, the year isn’t over yet! You monster, how could you do a top ten list in the middle of […]

S.H. Figuarts Marvel Iron Man 3 Tony Stark Review

Which is the best Disney-Marvel film? If your answer is anything but Iron Man 3, then I’m sorry but you’re dead wrong. The third Iron Man film is an interesting predicament because it’s a Shane Black movie battling the confines […]