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Hasbro Reveals Fort Max and Much Much More …

This morning, Hasbro dropped a giant lump of Transformers reveals on us.  There is a lot to process, so I am mostly going to concentrate on their Combiner Wars, Generations, and Titans Return lines.  For the Titan scale first there […]

First Gokin Reveals NT-02 Shredder!

Looks like we have our first image of First Gokin’s second TMNT inspired figure: Shredder.  The original picture was posted by Lunar Toy Store, who we can assume will be selling the figure at release.  Of course, if you remember […]

Left 4 Dead Vinylkins Collection Up for Preorder!

There really hasn’t been that much in the way of Left 4 Dead action figures and toys.  Considering it is probably the next title Valve will release when Source 2 is all ironed out I find this to be a […]

Spy Monkey is About to Transform Your Collection!

How do you feel about homages?  Well Spy Monkey has something special dropping TODAY, yes Friday August 21st at 12 PM Pacific Time (3 PM Eastern).  Two all new creations: Empyreus as Optimum Gearo and Umbreus as Vilhainatron!  These two […]

Worldbox Resident Evil 1/6 Nemesis Revealed!

I try to keep up on most Resident Evil happenings, but this one flew under my radar.  It looks as though the original announcement was in March, but now they are showing off some stunning prototypes.  A Japanese company, Worldbox, […]

MOTUC: King Hssss’ Torso Update!

I’m going to do some Masters of the Universe Classics news tonight because I feel like I don’t talk about He-Man enough.  As we all know by now, that alternate Snake Torso for the 200x version of King Hssss did […]

Marvel Legends Avengers Amazon 4-Pack Pops Up!

Remember that Amazon exclusive Hasbro Marvel Legends Avengers 4-pack we heard about back at Toy Fair?  The one that included movie versions of Bruce Banner, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Thor?  The set that basically completes the main cast (minus Scarlett […]

Dirty And Goopy Slimes Incoming!

Slimes?  You don’t say! Our friends over at Doom Kick (or DK as all the kids are calling it) have a fresh batch of slime going up for sale tomorrow night!  I’ll give you the background, and then you can […]