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Mattel WWE Elite Wave 42 – Triple H (Wrestlemania 2015) Review

Terminator Genisys, like every post Terminator 2 movie, was mostly forgettable.  However, it did give the WWE a chance to do some major cross promotion right in time for Wrestlemania 2015!  Through the movie’s sponsorship of that year’s big event […]

Mattel WWE Battle Packs Wave 40 – Enzo Amore & Big Cass Review

Of course, no sooner do I start collecting Mattel’s WWE figures that Bandai announces S.H. Figuarts will be producing wrestling toys as well.  This purchase doesn’t concern me much, however, since I doubt Figuarts will ever get deep enough into […]

Fans Toys FT-14 Forager (MP Kickback) Review

Within the next five days I’ll have completed two of my Fans Toys Masterpiece scaled teams: Insecticons and Dinobots! FT-14 Forager, better known as Kickback, showed up yesterday and will finally join his brothers Grenadier and Mercenary.  I’ve mentioned before […]

Mattel MOTUC Anti-Eternia He-Man Review

I’m a sucker for an all black evil palette swap, so naturally when Anti-Eternia He-Man was revealed I felt such a lust for revenge … WHO?! Until he was announced, I had no clue that this character was something that […]

NECA Aliens Lt. Ripley (Kenner Tribute) Review

The 90’s were a weird time where “R” rated properties like Alien and Predator would also have children’s toy lines.  I had these toys as a kid.  Sure, I had to butter my mother up a little bit to get […]

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch Ahsoka Tano Review

I’ve been out of the Hasbro Star Wars Black game for quite some time now.  I’d opted to focus my Star Wars collecting on the Bandai S.H. Figuarts line and have been quite content doing so.  However, I do occasionally […]

Mattel MOTUC Filmation Trap Jaw Review

The current Filmation subscription also known as “Club Grayskull” may be one of my sleeper hits of the year.  I expected it to be decent, but I was not expecting the figures to be as good as they are.  It’s […]

Transformers Masterpiece MP-11NR Ramjet Review

When it comes to Masterpiece Transformers, the Seekers are my least favorite mold.  Before owning Ramjet, Starscream was the only other plane in my collection.  I never liked his transformation.  He looks fine in jet mode, but his robot doesn’t […]

Transformers Masterpiece MP-29 Shockwave Review

Never once did I expect that one day I would own an official Masterpiece Shockwave.  Now that I have him, I believe anything is possible.  The character selection in the MP line has gotten quite extensive and has branched far […]

Mattel MOTUC Serpentine King Hssss Review

Serpentine King Hssss?  Haven’t we already gotten two of this guy in Masters of the Universe Classics?  Yes, indeed we have.  This figure is a little bit different, however.  Depending on your take it is either an egregious lie or […]

Marvel Legends Civil War Giant Man Build-A-Figure Review

Finally we have our illustrious build-a-figure for the second Captain America: Civil War wave, Giant Man.  Depending on your threshold for spoilers, he could ruin a “surprise” in the movie.  I’m a bit shocked that they haven’t shown Ant-Man growing […]