Hasbro Marvel Legends Checklist

I started this checklist (and will go back retroactively and do prior years as I get the time) because I thought a dynamic checklist of Hasbro’s yearly Marvel Legends would be a great idea. There are so many figures being released every year that you can’t expect people (who aren’t me) to buy everything! That’s why you are able to sort, search, and narrow down by all kinds of categories like theme, wave, price, release date, etc.

Release dates are generally close to when the figures began to show up at retail, or the projected release date. Unfortunately with Marvel Legends, this isn’t an exact science.

If we have a review up for a specific figure it will be linked in the “Figure(s)” column.

The “MSRP” column links direct to our affiliates, if you feel like purchasing that figure.

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any suggestions, questions, or if anything looks incorrect. Thanks!

Last update 03.12.2017

Hasbro Marvel Legends Six Inch Checkist 2017

Wave (Build-A-Figure)Figure(s)ThemeBAF PartMSRP
Release Date
Exclusive (Marvel Unlimited)Captain MarvelAvengersN/A$99.001/1/2017
Sandman BAF
Green GoblinSpider-Man
Sandman BAFAll New, All Different Spider-Man 2099Spider-ManRight Arm$19.991/1/2017
Sandman BAFSpider-UKSpider-ManLeft Arm$19.991/1/2017
Sandman BAFMs. MarvelSpider-ManTorso$19.99
Sandman BAFSymbiote Spider-ManSpider-ManHand Attachments$19.991/1/2017
Sandman BAFJackalSpider-ManRight Leg$19.991/1/2017
Sandman BAFShockerSpider-ManLeft Leg$19.991/1/2017
Sandman BAFShocker (Thunderbolts Variant)Spider-ManLeft Leg$19.991/1/2017
Titus BAFDrax (Movie)Guardians of the GalaxyLeft Arm$19.992/1/2017
Titus BAFYondu (Movie)Guardians of the GalaxyRight Arm$19.992/1/2017
Titus BAFVance AstroGuardians of the GalaxyLeft Leg$19.992/1/2017
Titus BAFAngelaGuardians of the GalaxyRight Leg$19.992/1/2017
Titus BAFDarkhawkGuardians of the GalaxyHead$19.992/1/2017
Titus BAFNovaGuardians of the GalaxyTorso$19.992/1/2017
Titus BAFStar-Lord (Movie)Guardians of the GalaxyN/A$19.992/1/2017
Exclusive (Toys R Us)Evolution of Groot (Movie)Guardians of the GalaxyN/A$19.992/1/2017
Warlock BAFColossusX-MenHead/Hand Attachment$19.993/1/2017
Warlock BAFShatterstarX-MenRight Arm$19.993/1/2017
Warlock BAFDazzlerX-MenLeft Arm$19.993/1/2017
Warlock BAFPolarisX-MenRight Leg$19.993/1/2017
Warlock BAFCyclops (Jim Lee)X-MenLeft Leg$19.993/1/2017
Warlock BAFSunfireX-MenTorso$19.993/1/2017
Warlock BAFOld Man LoganX-MenN/A$19.993/1/2017
Exclusive (Walgreens)Invisible WomanFantastic FourN/A$19.99TBD
Exclusive (Walgreens)Human TorchFantastic FourN/A$19.99TBD
Vulture Wings BAFSpider-Man (Movie)Spider-ManMid Wing$19.995/1/2017
Vulture Wings BAFCosmic Spider-ManSpider-ManLeft Wing Tips$19.995/1/2017
Vulture Wings BAFMoon KnightSpider-ManRight Wing Tips$19.995/1/2017
Vulture Wings BAFVulture (Movie)Spider-ManMid Wing Backpack$19.995/1/2017
Vulture Wings BAFHomemade Suit Spider-Man (Movie)Spider-ManMid Wing$19.995/1/2017
Vulture Wings BAFTombstoneSpider-ManJet$19.995/1/2017
Vulture Wings BAFBeetleSpider-ManJet$19.995/1/2017
Mantis BAFStar-Lord (Movie)Guardians of the GalaxyUnknown$19.99TBD
Mantis BAFGamora (Movie)Guardians of the GalaxyUnknown$19.99TBD
Mantis BAFRocket w/ Baby Groot (Movie)Guardians of the GalaxyUnknown$19.99TBD
Mantis BAFNebula (Movie)Guardians of the GalaxyUnknown$19.99TBD
Mantis BAFAdam WarlockGuardians of the GalaxyUnknown$19.99TBD
Mantis BAFDeaths Head IIGuardians of the GalaxyUnknown$19.99TBD
Mantis BAFEx NihiloGuardians of the GalaxyUnknown$19.99TBD
Exclusive (Entertainment Earth)Star-Lord/Ego (Movie)Guardians of the GalaxyN/A$39.998/1/2017
TBDElektra (Netflix)Netflix/DefendersUnknown$19.99TBD
TBDDaredevil (Netflix)Netflix/DefendersUnknown$19.99TBD
TBDJessica Jones (Netflix)Netflix/DefendersUnknown$19.99TBD
TBDPunisher (Netflix)Netflix/DefendersUnknown$19.99TBD
Exclusive (Toys R Us)Spider-Man/Mary JaneSpider-ManN/ATBDTBD
Exclusive (Toys R Us)Cyclops/Dark PhoenixX-MenN/ATBDTBD
Exclusive (Walmart)Ultimate Spider-Man/VultureSpider-ManN/ATBDTBD
Exclusive (Walmart)Black PantherAvengersN/A$19.99TBD
Exclusive (Toys R Us)A-Force Box Set
(She-Hulk, Loki, Singularity, Sif,
Monica Rambeau, and Elsa Bloodstone)
ExclusiveIron Man/Spider-Man (Movie)Spider-ManN/ATBDTBD
Retro 90's Toy Biz WolverineNostalgiaN/ATBD11/1/2017
Retro 90's Toy Biz PunisherNostalgiaN/ATBD11/1/2017
Retro 90's Toy Biz Captain AmericaNostalgiaN/ATBD11/1/2017
Retro 90's Toy Biz Spider-ManNostalgiaN/ATBD11/1/2017