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3A Portal 2 1/6 Scale Atlas and P-Body Review

I can think of very few video game experiences more enjoyable than getting a friend and playing through the coop campaign of Portal 2.  It’s still a great single player game, but the storyline and the puzzles they put together […]

ThreeA: A Closer Look at Atlas and P-Body

Everybody loves Atlas and P-Body, the adorable robots from the cooperative campaign in Portal 2.  Through their testing efforts they eventually uncover a hidden stash of humans which makes GLaDOS gleefully happy.  If you are looking for action figures of […]

ThreeA: Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body

Earlier in the year unpainted prototypes were shown by ThreeA of their Portal 2 P-Body and Atlas.  There was little info, but that is apparently how ThreeA operates. What is ThreeA you ask?  Well quite honestly I don’t know much […]

NECA Portal 2 Atlas Action Figure First Look!

NECA has been showing off previews of their many action figure lines this week.  Well like Chell previously, out of nowhere they have now confirmed Atlas by showing an early prototype of the robot “killing machine.”  We can see that […]

NECA Customizable Portal Gun Replica

Well NECA did say they had big news for he most hardcore of testers this week!  I would assume this is it, unless something crazy comes out of left field later on today.  We now have the customizable Portal Gun […]