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Ask Matty – December 15, 2012

Welcome to another edition of Ask Matty, the feature that asks the question, “What can Radagast the Brown do for YOU?”  This month we pick the brain of one Scott the Toy Guru on things like Cy-Chop, Clamp Champ, Ram […]

Ask Matty – November 30, 2012

A day early!  We got our Ask Matty questions a day early and I imagine is because the fine folks at Mattel are going to enjoy their weekend.  This week we ask important questions about the awesome Castle Grayskull that […]

Castle Grayskull Reaches Goal, Will Go Into Production

In the single most surprising turn of events since Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey, Castle Grayskull has passed its minimum order goal and will go into production. It took a little bit of time today for them to apparently “count […]

MOTUC News: Castle Grayskull Final Day, Granamyr Boxed

I’ve stayed kind of quiet on the whole Castle Grayskull thing.  Why you ask?  I’m not sure, but mostly because the last “you have to buy this or it’s cancelled” took a lot out of me.  This time I took […]

Ask Matty – October 26, 2012

It seems like I had forgotten to do this for months.  To be fair leading up to Power Con and NYCC there really wasn’t much to ask.  At least after those shows there were a bunch of reveals and new […]

MOTUC News: Castle Grayskull Thermometer Up, Date Extended

Watch that thermometer go on up!  This is the life we live now being Masters of the Universe Classics collectors, watching a completely debatable thermometer value rise so that we can get something we had hoped for.  Castle Grayskull does, […]

MOTUC News: First Shot of Castle Grayskull Mock-Up Revealed!

The Castle Grayskull preorder period has officially begun!  It got off to a little bit of a rough start as shipping prices for international buyers were in the $200 range, but this was shortly after corrected and just about everyone’s […]