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NECA News: TF2 Carded Shots, HL2 Gravity Gun, The Hobbit

Welcome to another edition of NECA News!  For this update we have some great behind-the-scenes looks at Team Fortress 2 Demo Man’s clamshell, the Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun Replica, and Bilbo Baggins (The Martin Freeman Hobbit version) in quarter scale! […]

MOTUC Demo-Man Review + Gallery

The wait for Demo-Man is over!  This morning a package was left at my door with none other that Demo-Man … the evil master of delays.  This is not the African American Demo-Man from the popular Team Fortress 2 game, […]

Demo-Man shipping soon, Photog pushed back

Update:  Seems it’s worse than we all thought, a lot of product is going to be pushed around and moved back throughout the first six months of 2012.  Thus rendering any release lists kind of useless for the time being, […]

Demo-Man still missing, where is Demo-Man?

Well the debacle with MOTUC Demo-Man continues.  As we had posted earlier last week, Demo-Man had started shipping and arriving at some people’s places.  I guess Matty had started to get inundated with people asking where their Demo-Man was and […]

Demo-Man has started to ship + Jewelstar Prototype Pictures

Demo-Man and any other figures ordered with him have begun to ship.  Reports have been coming in from numerous people that they have gotten shipping notices, a few have even arrived at people’s houses.  There doesn’t seem to be any […]

MOTUC Demo-Man Shipment Delayed

Just in time for Christmas, Matty sends word that Demo-Man has not reached their warehouse and will probably not be there until early January.  So this will effect subscribers because they will honor their commitment to ship things together by […]