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MOTUC Granamyr Review + Gallery

I’d always pictured Smaug from the Hobbit as looking very similar to Granamyr.  There may be some subliminal influence to that as I don’t remember Granamyr from my childhood but I very well could have seen his episode and used […]

Granamyr is a Fragile Figure, Watch Out!

I got my Granamyr tonight and was really excited to get him open so I could see the final product.  I had heard some rumbling that the tails and arms would have issues staying in, and as you can expect […]

MOTUC News: Castle Grayskull Final Day, Granamyr Boxed

I’ve stayed kind of quiet on the whole Castle Grayskull thing.  Why you ask?  I’m not sure, but mostly because the last “you have to buy this or it’s cancelled” took a lot out of me.  This time I took […]

MOTUC News: Granamyr Box Art, A Movie?

Hey He-Fa…ahhhh I can’t do it. So what is happening today in our almost daily MOTUC news column? Well first of all we have the ever important subscriber emails going out today to show off the Granamyr box art, and […]

MOTUC News: Early Perks, Voting, and more!

Since all the bombs have been dropped on us from SDCC, there was also a lot of confusion on a plethora of matters.  The “Ask Matty” boards simply blew up with questions, concerns, and speculation.  It looks as though Toy […]

SDCC 2012: MOTUC Preview Night

Here it is folks, a couple of nights away from Mattypalooza but Matty is not afraid to show us a few things. The new weapons pak has been revealed and it goes by the name “I’m sorry for cutting all […]

Ask Matty – April 2, 2012

Scott, aka Toy Guru was gracious enough to let me submit bi-monthly questions for all Matty brands. Below are our April 2 “Ask Matty” submissions. If you have a question you would like to ask through us feel free to […]

MOTUC News: Granamyr, Subscription Page

News around the web on Masters of the Universe classics.  Granamyr will be made out of old cardboard and banana peels to save costs!  Actually he will be plastic similar to Tytus/Megator … “but a bit bigger.”  A bit bigger […]