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Mattel MOTUC General Sundar Review

It’s a little weird to think that in three more months Mattel will no longer be producing Masters of the Universe Classics. It’s going to be even weirder titling all my reviews as “Super7 MOTUC …” if the whole Super7 […]

Mattel MOTUC Dragstor Review

The Masters of the Universe Classics collector’s burn out hit me hard this year.  We’re already in the second to last month of 2015 and I’ve maybe reviewed a handful of MOTUC figures from this subscription period.  I just can’t […]

Mattel MOTUC Modulok Review

Just when I was feeling very indifferent about my Masters of the Universe Classics collecting habits the right figure comes about at exactly the right time!  I was of course looking forward to him, but I didn’t realize how much […]

Kevin Kosse Filmation Mantenna Conversion Review

While we keep hearing that the Masters of the Universe Classics action figure line is “winding down,” we can take solace in the fact that there are a ton of talented customizers creating all new figures.  Due to most MOTUC […]

Mattel MOTUC Horde Troopers Review

Back last summer when Mattel was pushing us to buy subscriptions for 2013, they hinted that if the subscription goes through we would get a fan favorite army-building two-pack.  Now my hope for this two pack was a couple of […]

Mattel MOTUC Mantenna Review

October’s Mattycollector drop is upon us, and this month was one of the largest to date.  If you are just a Masters of the Universe Classics collector you got the Horde Troopers, Mantenna, and Lord Dactys.  If you are a […]

Mattel MOTUC Octavia Review

What’s not to like about a Horde chick?  Green gals are hot, and Octavia was one of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures I was extremely excited to be getting this year. Masters of the Universe Classics – Octavia […]

Mattel MOTUC Spirit of Hordak Review

I find that having a subscription service for my action figure really keeps me from what makes the hobby totally enjoyable: the hunt.  There is no better feeling than visiting a bunch of Targets, Wal-Marts, and Toys ‘R’ Us stores […]

Toy Fair 2013: MOTUC Mantenna Picture Leaked

Well as is to be expected from the Mattycollector website, they put up a picture of a new MOTUC action figure by accident. Folks, say hello to a VERY fan demanded character in Mantenna!   Mantenna looks to be almost […]

MOTUC Mosquitor Review + Gallery

I could start off with a sucking reference, but I will refrain … oh wait! The Horde has seen its fair share of members throughout the years. One I am surprised took so long to get out was Mosquitor because […]

MOTUC News: MOTUC Mosquitor Foot Confirmed!

MOTUC Mosquitor has been confirmed for Masters of the Universe Classics!  At least his foot has, but yes a shot of his ankle/foot has surfaced.  We do not have a release date yet for him but the theory is that […]

MOTUC Hurricane Hordak Review + Gallery

Hordak was actually one of the really early figures in this line (and still holds up as one of the better ones as well!) so it was only natural that we would eventually get a quarterly variant featuring him.  A […]