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Super7: Masters of the Universe Classics Ultimates

Sorry about the surge of Masters of the Universe news the past week! This isn’t a typical thing as most of 2016 has been quiet on that front with Mattel bowing out. But now Super7 is putting their plans into […]

Mattel MOTUC Filmation Evil-Lyn Review

Our march towards the end of the Mattel era for Masters of the Universe Classics is rapidly reaching its final stop in December. While Digital River continues send out our promised subscription product (albeit late most of the time), I’m […]

Super7: Masters of the Universe Announcement November 17th

Super7 has reached out to all Mattycollector subscribers this morning via Mattel’s email list. They wanted to let us all know to save the date for November 17th, 2016 as there will be some type of announcement. I’d assume this […]

NYCC 2016: Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics

They’re here! Super7 had their first set of prototypes for their newly inherited Masters of the Universe Classics line on display at New York Comic Convention. Noe temper your expectations a little bit here. If you were expecting a slew […]

Mattel MOTUC General Sundar Review

It’s a little weird to think that in three more months Mattel will no longer be producing Masters of the Universe Classics. It’s going to be even weirder titling all my reviews as “Super7 MOTUC …” if the whole Super7 […]

Mattel MOTUC Filmation Skeletor Review

We’ve arrived! Owning a Filmation He-Man and Skeletor is now technically a reality! I say “technically” because if you haven’t already subscribed to Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics Club Grayskull (that’s a mouthful!) then I hope you have a […]

Mattel MOTUC Anti-Eternia He-Man Review

I’m a sucker for an all black evil palette swap, so naturally when Anti-Eternia He-Man was revealed I felt such a lust for revenge … WHO?! Until he was announced, I had no clue that this character was something that […]

Mattel MOTUC Filmation Trap Jaw Review

The current Filmation subscription also known as “Club Grayskull” may be one of my sleeper hits of the year.  I expected it to be decent, but I was not expecting the figures to be as good as they are.  It’s […]

Mattel MOTUC Serpentine King Hssss Review

Serpentine King Hssss?  Haven’t we already gotten two of this guy in Masters of the Universe Classics?  Yes, indeed we have.  This figure is a little bit different, however.  Depending on your take it is either an egregious lie or […]

Mattel MOTUC Filmation He-Man Review

Want to know something frightning?  See that picture above; from that angle He-Man looks like Kelly Ripa.  It’s haunting me now … February marks the first entry in the newly named “Club Grayskull” subscription: He-Man.  Originally the subscription was called […]

Toy Fair 2016: Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics

Now that Mattel is announcing their entire year’s subscription ahead of time what could we possibly have to look forward to at Toy Fair?  Well, we got ourselves a nice handful of surprises in addition to prototypes of previously unseen […]