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MOTUC Mosquitor Review + Gallery

I could start off with a sucking reference, but I will refrain … oh wait! The Horde has seen its fair share of members throughout the years. One I am surprised took so long to get out was Mosquitor because […]

MOTUC News: Vykron and Spikor Video Previews

Finally I have a reason to use my Toy Guru icon from way back in 2011 when he did that Sorceress video!  Yes Scott is back with two videos this week showing off the SDCC Exclusive Vykron and the upcoming […]

MOTUC News: MOTUC Mosquitor Foot Confirmed!

MOTUC Mosquitor has been confirmed for Masters of the Universe Classics!  At least his foot has, but yes a shot of his ankle/foot has surfaced.  We do not have a release date yet for him but the theory is that […]