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NECA Pacific Rim Ultimate Striker Eureka Review

The Pacific Rim action figure line by NECA has been going on for a long time now.  Far longer than I think most people would expect a tie-in toy line would live for a non-franchise (yes I know Pacific Rim […]

NECA Alien Series 4 Ripley (Compression Suit) Review

Our first Ripley variant for 2015!  Yes, this fourth wave of Alien figures comes with a second Ripley.  You may recognize the body as the same Nostromo suit that Kane was wearing in wave three; as well as Dallas in […]

Hot Toys Reveals 1/6 Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Hot Toys news what?  Hot Toys news that isn’t Iron Man related, what?  Yep, that’s right!  In exactly a week Guardians of the Galaxy will hit theaters, and Hot Toys is ready to start taking your money.  In their first […]

NECA Godzilla 2014 Review

So is everyone over the new Godzilla movie yet? It seemed like people could barely keep their pants on in anticipation of this new movie.  Then a week ago it came out and the reviews I’d heard were moderate at […]

NECA Pacific Rim S3 Coyote Tango Review

Now we get to the Jaeger piloted by none other than mister “cancelling the apocolypse,” Idris Elba, or as he’s known in the movie, Stacker Pentacost.  Coyote Tango rounds out the Jaeger portion of the third Pacific Rim series brought […]

NECA Pacific Rim S3 Cherno Alpha Review

In Pacific Rim we get a fairly short glimpse of what Cherno Alpha can do in combat.  He gets a few punches in but is shortly after destroyed by the Kaiju duo of Leatherback and Otachi.  Cherno’s pilots probably get […]

NECA Aliens S1 Hicks and Hudson Review

One of the best parts of getting figures based on the colonial marines in Aliens is that I get to go back and watch the movie again as “research.” Believe it or not, it has been a little while since […]

NECA: The Spider Gremlin Becomes Reality

It’s been a long time; two years have come and passed in fact since the original announcement.  After a while I just tucked it away into the “never going to happen” pile along with Palisades’ Resident Evil series four.  But […]

Hot Toys Announces THREE New Iron Man 3 Suits

When the latest Iron Man 3 trailer came out and ended with a bevy of roughly 43 Iron Man suits I said to myself, “Hot Toys is going to make all of those armors.”  My prediction has started to materialize […]

NECA News: Prometheus and Predator Deals at TRU!

If you have been holding out for a decent price on the NECA 1/4 scale Predators or Prometheus figures, you may want to check online or your local store.  Toys “R” Us looks to be having a decent sale to […]