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NECA Aliens Series 9 Albino Drone Xenomorph Review

The Aliens line from NECA has recently released its 9th wave which they promised to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the James Cameron sequel. Included is Private Vasquez (a must buy), Private Frost, and yet another (5th!) repaint of […]

NECA Pacific Rim Ultimate Gipsy Danger Review

So it’s come to this. The last figure has finally been released for NECA’s long running Pacific rim line: Cletus the Fox Sports Sunday football playing robot errrr I mean, Ultimate Gipsy Danger 2.0. Just as the line began with […]

NECA Aliens Series 9 Private Jenette Vasquez Review

The current NECA Aliens cast consists of Ripley, Bishop, Newt, Hicks, Hudson, Frost, Vasquez, and that’s not even mentioning the various variants, creatures, and vehicles. That’s quite an impressive list of names they’ve made happen from a movie where they’re […]

NECA Contra Bill and Lance Two-Pack Review

Let me start off by stating I won’t say anything cliche at the beginning of a Contra article such as: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, (and maybe Select), Start. I won’t mention that famous cheat […]

NECA Uncharted Ultimate Edition Nathan Drake Review

Have you ever found yourself purchasing a figure just because it looked really nice? I’d never played the Uncharted games. Having only recently purchased a Playstation 3 this figure wasn’t something I was expecting to buy. However, when I was […]

NECA Pacific Rim Ultra Deluxe Hardship Review

The Pacific Rim line is finally drawing to a close, rounding out its line NECA released an Ultimate Version of Gipsy Danger and the final Kaiju: Hardship. Who? Yeah, exactly. Hardship is essentially the Dengar or Sy Snoodles of the […]

NECA SDCC Exclusive TMNT Arcade Game Ninja Turtles Review

It’s been almost eight years, but I still think NECA’s original run at the Mirage turtles holds up as the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures ever produced. As good as the line was it was also short lived. […]

NECA Aliens Series 8 Ripley (Alien 3) Review

I believe Alien 3 gets a bad rap.  It isn’t the greatest movie in the Alien franchise (also far from the worst!), and  it certainly has its share of problems like the unbelievably bad CGI.  However, if Alien 3 is […]

NECA Aliens Series 8 Weyland-Yutani Commando Review

If I were tasked with constructing a top five characters or things to make toys of from Alien 3, I’m pretty sure the Weyland-Yutani Commando would likely not make the cut.  It’s a fairly inconsequential character that shows up about […]

NECA Aliens Lt. Ripley (Kenner Tribute) Review

The 90’s were a weird time where “R” rated properties like Alien and Predator would also have children’s toy lines.  I had these toys as a kid.  Sure, I had to butter my mother up a little bit to get […]