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Toy Fair 2015: The Coop TF2 and Portal 2

To put it lightly I was thrilled to see that The Coop plans to make a second series of their Team Fortress 2 Portable Mercs series.  It looks as though they plan to finish the cast with this one as […]

Toy Fair 2014: 3A

The fine folks at 3A made their first visit to New York Toy Fair and as would be expected had a gorgeous booth.  I just recently got into their products when I bought their Valve Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body […]

3A Portal 2 1/6 Scale Atlas and P-Body Review

I can think of very few video game experiences more enjoyable than getting a friend and playing through the coop campaign of Portal 2.  It’s still a great single player game, but the storyline and the puzzles they put together […]

ThreeA Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body Shipping Soon!

It’s been quite a wait since early 2013 when ThreeA put up preorders for the Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body 1/6 scale figures.  The projected release was to be around December.  While they didn’t quite meet the December deadline it […]

Valve: DOTA2 and Portal Blind Box Madness!

I’ve spent a good part of the weekend into this week watching DOTA2’s International Tournament.  I can understand that some people may not be into watching teams of 20+ year-olds play video games, but I find the broadcasting and production […]

ThreeA: A Closer Look at Atlas and P-Body

Everybody loves Atlas and P-Body, the adorable robots from the cooperative campaign in Portal 2.  Through their testing efforts they eventually uncover a hidden stash of humans which makes GLaDOS gleefully happy.  If you are looking for action figures of […]

NECA Portal 2 Chell Review + Gallery

NECA seems to intent on getting all of Valve’s first person shooter characters out in plastic form.  In the year they have been working on the license they have done an admiral job of it.  Now that the iconic Gordon […]

ThreeA: Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body

Earlier in the year unpainted prototypes were shown by ThreeA of their Portal 2 P-Body and Atlas.  There was little info, but that is apparently how ThreeA operates. What is ThreeA you ask?  Well quite honestly I don’t know much […]

NECA Portal 2 Atlas Action Figure First Look!

NECA has been showing off previews of their many action figure lines this week.  Well like Chell previously, out of nowhere they have now confirmed Atlas by showing an early prototype of the robot “killing machine.”  We can see that […]

NECA News: Portal’s Chell Joins the Party!

I may have said in the past that Portal’s Chell was not on my top list of figures I want NECA to do with their Valve license.  I take that back.  I’ve seen the future and it is glorious, I’m […]