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Marvel Legends Dr Strange Book of Vishanti Review

Hasbro has a solid history of making really nice and creative San Diego Comic Convention exclusives.  Going all the way back to the Stan Lee/Spider-Man and Lawyer She-Hulk, they have all been noble efforts.  In the last four years they […]

Mattel MOTUC Evil Seed (200x) Review

I appear to have missed reviewing Callix, the first figure in this year’s 200x mini subscription.  Oh well, can’t look back now.  So anyway we are off to the second release: Evil Seed.  Normally such a release would cause a […]

NECA Aliens Series 5 Ripley (Aliens) Review

A couple of months back we got our first taste of NECA’s long awaited take on Ripley, THE single most important character from the Alien franchise.  Wave four included Jumpsuit and Compression Suit variants from the original Alien film.  However, […]

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Series Rhino Build-A-Figure Review

As we’re closing out our Marvel Legends releases for the year Hasbro hit us with one final Spider-Man wave with a build-a-figure of the iconic villain Rhino.  Most of the retail waves this year have been heavily movie influenced with […]

NECA Pacific Rim Ultra Deluxe Winged Otachi Review

We all knew it was coming!  It was just a matter of WHEN it was coming.  I reviewed the original Otachi back in February, so it was about four months later that the winged version hit stores.  All of the […]

Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series Bulldozer Review

We’ve been anxiously waiting on Bulldozer since the Rocket Raccoon build-a-figure wave way back in 2013!  Originally Bulldozer was supposed to be a running change figure that they would swap out for Wrecker in that series in later case refreshes.  […]

Marvel Legends Ant-Man Series Ultron Build-A-Figure Review

It can only be assumed that Marvel and Hasbro have a ton of faith in Ant-Man’s drawing power.  So much so that Ultron is the build-a-figure of the Ant-Man themed wave.  You know, the villain from a completely different movie! […]

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Ant-Man June Box Review

I’m not a big fan of mystery boxed things.  I’ve avoided the Loot Crates and Comic Con in a Box stuff because most of the time those boxes are just filled with the cheap crap you’d get in a freebie […]

Hot Toys MMS254 1/6 Rocket and Groot Review

I’m beginning to think that the long wait times are having an effect on my enthusiasm for new action figures.  Had this this Rocket and Groot set come out a few months after Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters my […]