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Figma DOTA2 Anti-Mage Review

It’s very rare these days to have a toy actually make it to release without somebody catching wind of it. We live in a 24-hour hour news cycle world, and toy news (while certainly not the most important focus) isn’t […]

Valve Teams with Good Smile for DOTA2 Figma and Nendoroid!

DOTA2’s big yearly event, Tournament International 2016, will begin August 8th. As is expected the folks over at WeLoveFine will be running the “Secret Shop,” a gift store that will sell DOTA2 themed collectibles and other items to celebrate the […]

Left 4 Dead Vinylkins Collection Up for Preorder!

There really hasn’t been that much in the way of Left 4 Dead action figures and toys.  Considering it is probably the next title Valve will release when Source 2 is all ironed out I find this to be a […]

3A Teases 1/6 Scale Half-Life 2 Dog

We finally get our first look at 3A’s crack at Dog, Dr. Gordon Freeman’s robot companion in Half-Life 2.  Last year it was hinted that 3A was working on a 1/6 scale Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance, and Dog.  Last we […]

3A Team Fortress 2 1/6 Robot Pyro Review

For today’s review I wanted to go back to a figure I had been meaning to take a look at for a long time now, but he just got pushed back and eventually forgotten.  I feel like this is almost […]

A Crowded Coop TF2 Portable Mercs Wave 1 Review

Around third quarter of the year is when we start to see that stuff that was in early development at Toy Fair.  I fell in love with a lot of stuff at Toy Fair (no surprise), but I always have […]

Team Fortress 2 Portable Mercs Are Out!

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for these guys to be released, but now here we are!  A Crowded Coop is now shipping their Team Fortress 2 Portable Mercenaries Series One to retailers.  The Mercs also made an appearance […]

NECA TF2 Series 3 Spy Review

Our NECA Team Fortress 2 coverage continues (and abruptly ends) with the other half of the third wave, the Spy.  The Spy is an interesting character in-game because he has quite a few crazy abilities depending on how you load […]

NECA TF2 Series 3 Engineer Review

It’s becoming a yearly tradition that I get my new set of NECA x Valve Team Fortress 2 figures.  This year left me slightly concerned because the figures were delayed a couple of times and then they disappeared from NECA’s […]

A Crowded Coop DOTA2 Micro Plushies Series 2 Revealed!

We met with A Crowded Coop back in February during Toy Fair and they let us know they had some exciting stuff brewing for Valve’s annual DOTA2 Tournament International.  Nothing could be revealed at the time, but now that Valve […]

3A: Weighted Companion Square

I’m sure every collector goes through “must have” items that are fairly hard to track down.  I’ve been trying to build on my ThreeA Valve collection, and this little guy just continued to elude me.  I found a lot of […]

3A Team Fortress 2 1/6 Robot Heavy Review

Surprises are always nice.  When you order a 3A product it’s generally a six to eight month wait before the item ships.  The good news is that the item is generally paid in advance and is quite surprising when it […]