Mattycollector Black Friday Lineup

As they promised earlier in the week, has put up a sale page for their Black Friday blowout.  Most items are only 10% discounted, however there are a large amount of MOTUC Classic figures.  The sale looks to be pretty strong for the fan attempting to catch up, including a large number of figures from across the life of the line … but there are some army builder figures as well such as the Eternian Guards two pack at a slight discount.

Matty also included some some DC and Ghostbusters products, also 10% … however I don’t see too many people biting after the 60% off Ghostbusters hit during the Halloween special.  Here is the full list of for sale items and the prices they plan to cost:

Princess Adora – $18
Beast Man – $18
Bow – $18
Catra – $18
Clawful – $18
The Faceless One – $18
The Goddess – $18
King Greyskull (Redo w/ Orb) – $18
King Hssss – $18
Man-E-Faces – $18
Moss Man (Unflocked Ears) – $18
Optikk – $18
Eternian Palace Guards 2-Pack – $36
Scareglow – $18
Battle Armor Skeletor – $18
Skeletor – $18
Teela – $18
Battleground Teela – $18
Vikor – $18
Whiplash – $18
Zodak – $18

Mo-Larr vs Skeletor – $36
Orko – $22.50
Captain Glenn – $22.50

Battle Cat – $27
Gygor – $27
Megator – $36
Tytus – $36

Weapons Pak: Great Wars – $10.80
Weapons Pak: Ultimate Battle Ground – $10.80

Masters of the Universe Art Prints – $80

It should be noted that I don’t believe Scareglow has had a reissue yet.  And Teela has not had one for a long time … so those might be worth looking into.

It’s a nice sale but realistically I would love them to operate like any other retailer out there and have their back stock for sale all the time so that fans can browse and buy at will.  Good luck with this four day sale, who knows if the prices may lower throughout the days?

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