MOTUC Star Sisters Preview

In a bit of a surprise move, the Star Sisters (Jewelstar, Starla, and Tallstar) three-pack final product has appeared on a gay website.  It looks as though Matty sent an early sample to to review.  According to the site She-Ra is a huge gay icon, so if nothing else I learned something new today!  If anyone was going to be a gay icon I would have thought He-Man would have been the front runner.  Regardless, they snap a few pictures of the figures loose and in the box and give a short bio on each, there is not too much critique of the figures but you can see what they will look like.

I was sort of hoping for a more “fabulous” looking box for them.  The Greyskull vintage-like design really drowns them out inside.  It also seems like it didn’t need to be that tall, the bird could have probably been roosted between the ladies.  I suppose I could complain about the price, but we’ve been there plenty times.  Feel free to check out their site if you are so inclined to get the low down.  Enjoy the pictures:

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