Store Horsemen Cyber Monday Sale!

The Store Horsemen online store is hosting a Cyber Monday sale for three hours tomorrow.  From 9:00 PM EST through midnight there will be a “buy one get the second similar item at half price” sale going.  Sure this isn’t exactly MOTUC related but the Horsemen have a lot of wild creatures in their Seventh Kingdom and Gothitropolis lines that can easily fit into your MOTUC collection.  Also the Horsemen are just good guys and make some great toys, so it’s worth checking out.

My personal want is the Gothitropolis Dormant Form Scarabus, I think it fits in quite well with the Faceless One’s deco.  Here’s the short blurb direct from the Store Horsemen’s site:

Get nearly every “in stock” Four Horsemen item in the store at a “buy one get the second similar item at half price”!

Sale begins at 9:00pm EST on Monday night and goes until midnight!

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