MOTUC 2011 Year in Review

Masters of the Universe Classics, a look back at the 2011 year, the announcements, the drama, the good, the bad … it’s all here. Another year has passed and MOTUC continues to churn out every which emotion from collectors and enthusiasts of the line. Let’s go and take a look at some of the stand out moments of the year:

Matty brings back UPS at a higher price because their Newgistics service is slow and makes no sense as to how they deliver things.

After little backlash from the DCU people about raising the prices of items not sold on the sub, Matty decides to give the MOTUC fans the same respect by saying they will raise the prices for day of purchases by two to three dollars. The term “2008 prices” is thrown around to make us feel better about this inevitable price increase. Then again, a $20 heavy reuse 6″ figure price was high in 2008 and still is.

For some reason Matty has it in their head that Castle Greyskull needs to be some grandious $300 investment by fans instead of what we all really seem to want is a front diorama that would probably be a lot cheaper. Castle Greyskull will also not happen unless there is a movie. I pray there will never be another MOTU movie, that can only end badly.

Mattel gets the Filmation rights! Promptly sticks Shadow Weaver in as the sub exclusive figure, ending the streak of He-variants as the sub exclusive.

Matty changes their tune from “a sub is to help the fans get toys” to “the sub is required and you will be punished for not doing so.” Also writes something pretty stupid about how they are lowering production numbers of non sub figures to help the secondary market.

The first Power-Con happens. Matty actually shows a huge amount of product for the next year getting everyone very excited. A Power Con is being planned for 2012.

Mad Matty Mondays start, blind boxes that cost $40 and guarantee a higher value of figures. There were two this year, both had great values for people attempting to plug holes or just get some spares. Through this we find out that they are literally swimming in Gygors and Tytuses.

People realized that the TRU two packs were not worth $30 and did not buy them. They are promptly cancelled.

The Mighty Spector was announced and pretty much no one was happy about it.

Snake Men Man at Arms was announced and quickly won the award for the laziest A-Lister variant in the line.

Draego-Man was announced and wowed people. Mattel sensing too much good will towards them said he would cost too much to make and they took away his shield.

Despite two downers, the announcements for 2012 were actually pretty stellar and convinced me to get a sub for the first year. Though the threat of a price increase aided me in that decision as well. The end of 2011 and the first half of 2012 are going to be great for MOTUC, a lot of big names to check off the list.

2011 was a Horde heavy year. We saw Leech, Catra, and Hurricane Hordak. Meanwhile we only saw one Snake Man, King Hssss … and I guess you can consider Megator in zombie form a Snake Man, though they could have fitted him with some nice snake armor.

White Swiftwind wins over pink, reminding Mattel that their demographic is 95% men who would feel conflicted sexually if they bought a pink horse. Mattel attempts to show the tolerance their fan base sorely lacks by reaching out to the gay community and grants a first shot at the Star Sisters. A lot of tip-toeing around how to describe the set by straights commences. (Side note, iTunes is now suggesting I am gay because I own Falco and Boy George songs.)

Mattel still does not understand the multi-pack. Usually you try to incorporate a discount of some sort since you are forcing people to buy more than one figure. But so far all multi-packs have costed out to $20 per figure in them, and I’m looking at those Walmart DCU sets as well Mattel. No one is paying $75 for 5 figures, especially when one was pulled out and replaced with a Marvel Legends Mr. Sinister.

People thought Clawful should have gotten a 200x head. I was happy with the vintage inspired head, but you gave Whiplash an extra one. Icarius also really didn’t need the extra “No this is really Val Kilmer” head either. The extra head rule is strange, I can only assume with Clawful you eventually plan a 200x variant, which is fine by me.

Speaking of which I am surprised we have not seen a 200x Skeletor or He-Man announced yet.

Thanks for listening to my mad ramblings about the year, here’s to a masculine 2012 and many years to come with Masters of the Universe Classics.

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