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I think people were a little apprehensive towards the prospects of New Adventure of He-Man figures showing up in the MOTUC line at first.  That is probably the reason why we have had a total of two characters from that MOTU sect since the inception of the line.  To Mattel’s credit, though, when they decide to put out a New Adventures character, they go all out.  Icarius is the latest in the short list of NA characters, but certainly stands tall on his own.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Icarius
Release Date: 10/17/2011 (Subscription)
Price: $20.00
Faction: Galactic Protectors
Real Name: TC Icarius Kaz

Since I kind of made this site a little late into the life of MOTUC, I wanted to go back to gallery and review on figures I have already recieved and put into my collection.  I figured I would start with our previous month’s figure, Icarius or in the past known as Flipshot.

Like I previously said, it seems Mattel likes to take some extra care when doing a less popular sect of the MOTU universe such as New Adventures.  There probably could be two reasons for this, either they go into it knowing they need to make a solid figure from a less popular show.  Or they see a really cool figure from that show, and want to make him … so the good action figure is just a by product of wanting to do that figure.  Either way, it works out very well for the consumer, especially the consumer looking for a Val Kilmer action figure.

Icarius comes loaded with a lot of great parts and accessories.  He has an extra head, a helmet with a sliding visor, wings, missiles on those wings, and an arm attachment with missiles!  The accessories are great and really add to the figure.  I’m not entirely sure the extra head was necessary, especially when you consider they have refused to do extra heads for a character like Clawful or Buzz-Off.  But regardless, you get an extra head and I really shouldn’t complain too much about getting extra value out of a figure.

All those reused parts are starting to blend together for me, but I am pretty sure the arms are new.  As are the ankles and feet, the waist and belt as well look to be new.  The wings connect through a plug in the back, the wings are on a hing so they can move at abotu a 90 degree angle.  There are missiles that are loaded into the end of the wings, but they don’t fire or anything.  When I first got him, I felt like the wings were on backwards … the design just makes them look like they should face the other way, but alas that is how they are supposed to be.

And then we get to the head.  I almost feel like they had to get a sign off from Val Kilmer to do this figure.  It’s just uncanny, in fact so uncanny that it can’t be a coincidence.  I guess you could claim it’s parody, and to be fair Val Kilmer is pretty much a living parody of himself anymore.  But yes, that head is Val Kilmer, then they gave us an extra one just to show how “Val Kilmer” it really was.

Over all this is a great figure.  They really beefed him up with some great accessories and sculpting and pulled off a really great second NA figure.  Next year we have Slush Head, which will probably be the third really strong NA figure in this line.

Overall Grade: B+

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