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The Evil Horde is one of the more represented non-main factions in the classics line thus far.  The Horde is in fact so represented, that Leech here gets a brand new upper body sculpt … the second new upper body this year!  So yes, the Horde grows with Leech, the master of suck.  Continue on to see me discover Leech and Instagram for the first time and show you the results.


Masters of the Universe Classics – Leech
Release Date: 09/15/2011 (Subscription)
Price: $20.00
Faction: Horde

I think at first glance over the new Masters of the Universe Classics Leech you can honestly say they did him right.  From head to suctioned feet they made the right decisions as far as reusing parts and sculpting new parts.  Let’s start off with the head.  It is very strongly vintage inspired, but does away with the “suction” gimmick that the original had and just gives him a straight up mouth full of sharp teeth.  I’m sure purists might be upset and complain he looks more lizard like this way, but this way is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than this:

Suction gimmick purism aside, the other great part of this figure is we get a whole new upper body.  With the heavy amount of reuse in this line I always feel like I am getting away with something when a figure has a large new part or something I have not seen before.  Leech comes through for me in a big big way.  Besides the upper body he has all new hands and feet, and I believe his lower arms are new as well.  Those hands and feet are on nice ball joints as well so you have a pretty good base of movement.

I also like the suction feet because it makes it really easy to pose him a little different.  They make a good base for him to balance on.  No the suctions do not actually suction, they are just sculpted to look that way.

Leech comes with both a horde crossbow and a net.  The crossbow is slightly different than the one Hordak and Grizzlor come with.  It also has a clip to fasten it to Leech’s wrist since he obviously can’t hold it himself.  His net is a soft rubber with suctions on it and is very useful for holding down meddling MOTUC figures.

So now that we have Leech, Horde representation is at an all time high along with Hordak, Hurricane Hordak, Catra, Grizzlor, and the upcoming Shadow Weaver.  The only thing left to reveal is those possibly rumored Horde Troopers, right Matty?

Leech is long sold out on the Mattycollector store, however he can still be gotten at a decent price on Amazon.  Only a few dollars more than sale day, and of course you can always try ebay as well.

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