MOTUC Sorceress, Fisto, Fearless Photog, and Shadow Weaver Carded!

Well apparently the hits just keep coming!  Matty put out another batch of pictures via their Facebook page today.  We now get to see the carded samples of The Sorceress, Fisto, Fearless Photog, and Shadow Weaver.  Read on to see the full press release and the carded samples!

It is just a marathon of MOTUC news this week. We just got in early packaged samples of some upcoming MOTUC figures for 2012. No need to blather on here! Lets get right to the images….

Sorceress is the Jan. 2012 Club Eternia figure. While production will be lower overall in 2012 (closer to the sub number) we will make slightly more of her since, well, she is the Sorceress after all!

Sorceress’s bio, as revealed at SDCC. An all new, all different bio will be on the traveling convention Temple of Darkness figure (who also comes with the Orb stand!)

Here’s Fisto carded! The Feb 2012 Club Eternia figure. The alt head and belt is packed at the bottom.

Fisto’s all new bio. And yes, he is Fisto, not “Battle Fist.”

Our first 30th Anniversairy figure (of 6), 25 years in the making…Fearless Photog, the winner of the vintage Create a Figure contest!

Photog’s all new bio as revealed at SDCC 2011. Photog goes on sale Jan 15th only on

At last! Shadow Weaver. She looks a bit darker in the packaging due to the lighting. The final fig will match Orko’s coloring. She will not be sold and is only available to 2012 Club Eternia subscribers.

Weaver’s all new bio! Awesome.

There you go with the latest! Enjoy the pics and see you all back here Dec. 15th for Demo-Man, Battleground Evil Lyn and the Windraider toy!



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