MOTUC Sorceress Wings + Loose Pictures Update

Coming off the news of the Demo-Man delay, Toy Guru let us know he just got in a sample of the upcoming Sorceress figure for January.  Sounds like the wings are going to work out really well.  Read on for the statement from “Hype Machine” Neitlich.

Update 12.14.2011 – An Ebay uction with an early look at Sorceress has appeared, pictures below

-PS: We just got in early samples of Sorceress. Her wings are AHM-Azing. Terry reengineered and improved on the concept (as shown at Power Con) and as you lift her arms, the wings really “magically” open. They are still fully articulated and you can repose as you wish. But they way the unfold as her arm is lifted is very cool. Plus he removed the need to connect at the upper arm (only the shoulder) which greatly improves the articulation. I’ll have to shoot a down and dirty video and post it just to show you. It’s friggin cool and totally unexpected. 2012 is going to kick off so nice!

An Ebay auction has shown up with a loose Sorceress for us to take a look at:

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