Snake Face, Clamp Champ, and Frosta strongly rumored for 2012

Sure it is still 2011, and sure Mattel has already revealed the first six months of Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  But what fun is it just knowing that?  Speculation has already started as to the remaining six months of 2012 and what figures we are going to see.  As of now strong rumors from more reliable sources have pointed to Snake Face, Clamp Champ, and Frosta leading the charge into the second half of 2012.

In addition to these three, heavily hinted has been Oo-Lar and Sea Hawk.  This probably means the sculpts are done and these figures are close or ready for production.  Sea Hawk has been pretty heavily rumored to be pushed to 2013.

So with that, for the remainder of 2012, we have:

6 Monthly Subscription Figures
2 Quarterly Variants
2 Beast or Multipacks (Both $40)
SDCC Exclusive ($30)

So if we do leave Frosta, Snake Face, and Clamp Champ in, we will be down to three more monthly figures.  We should probably assume at least one of the $40 beast/multipack slots is a two-pack … possibly both unless they have another giant planned.

If we want to look for truth in lies, we could look back to the fake 2012 subscription descriptions.  In case you did not know Matty’s site originally put up the correct list of the first few 2012 figures for the sub prior to the SDCC reveal.  In order to make it seem like a joke, they then changed the line up a couple times on the site to make it seem like the screw up was a plan all along.  Here were the other announced line ups:

Purchase a membership to Club Eternia for $20 and you’re guaranteed to receive all of the monthly Masters of the Universe Classics figures released during the year. You’ll also receive club-exclusive Sorceress and an all-new bonus map poster of The Horde Empire! Starting January 2012, you are automatically shipped the Club Eternia Monthly Figure every month for a total of twelve months (January through December). For 2012, you will also be shipped four beast figures or multi-packs and four character variant figures at various intervals throughout the year. You are billed as figures ship. Figures revealed to date are Frosta (January), Clamp Champ (February) and Rattlor (March). Also in March is the biggest large scale beast revealed to date – Granamyr!

So this was the first fake list put out.  It included two of the rumored figures.  Snake Face certainly isn’t Rattlor, but I suppose after they used figures in the pipe already they used a different Snake Man.   Following that list, we got this:

Figures revealed to date are Snake Face (January), Slush Head (February) and Mosquitor (March). Also in March is the largest Beast/Multipack item for the year – the Jaw Bridge of Castle Grayskull! First in an annual series to build-up pieces to the mighty fortress of mystery and power.

So now we have Snake Face and Slush Head leading off the list.  Slush Head was later revealed, so there may be something to the first two being true figures in the pipe, then the third being a deviation from the truth.  Mosquitor will probably get a lot of parts from Stinkor, so he’s always a possibility.

Then no one believed this list:

Although it does show Rattlor again, so I think they are either planning him or he is already in the pipe to be our next Snake Man.  (After Snake Face)

So Just for fun with all this speculation, I will guess that the remaining of 2012 will go like this:

6 Monthly Subscription Figures – Snake Face, Clamp Champ, Frosta, Mosquitor, Oo-Lar, and what the hell I’ll bet on Rattlor!
2 Quarterly Variants – I would wonder if they would make a 200x Skeletor and give it the “Battle Ground” title, of not Skeletor is probably on tap for some type of variant since He-Man got Thunder Punch this year … A Stratos variant is more likely, either a Snake Man or modern (which again could end up being called “Battle Ground.”)
2 Beast or Multipacks (Both $40) – I really think a Horde Trooper two pack is coming.  Past that I have no clue, I’d hate for them to dip into that terrible giant buck again …
SDCC Exclusive ($30) – $5 increase this year could either mean we are getting something bigger, or they are just raising the prices on us.  I’ll hope big and want a Two-Bad!


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