Spy Monkey Creations Update for 2012

Spy Monkey Creations, you know those guys that made the completely kick ass MOTUC shields in all colors and flavors, have posted an update as to their plans for 2012.  Their store had been closed since around July this year and there have been very few updates.  But it looks like the three man operation has big plans for 2012 and the future.  Some of these items sound really great. They plan on lowering prices with their new production model, which I think will be great for them and their products getting out to more people.

Read on to check out their post on he-man.org explaining their absence and the future plans.  Also there will be teaser images coming up December 5th:


Okay update as promised:

We have been crazy busy as of late. SpyMonkey Creations started as a labor of love that has exploded beyond anything the 3 of us ever expected, and it has been an awesome ride.
We closed the store in August to give us the needed time to move into our next phase/evolution of development. We have been working non stop since to make this happen. I’m not going to divulge a whole lot here because we are going to do an official press release in the next month (or 2) once we have our final color samples in hand. When that happens it will be posted (with pictures) on any and every toy site that we are affiliated with. Our goal is to reopen the store in Late January-Mid February.

What I will tell you is that all of our new offerings will be modular weapons. Meaning that each weapon will be made up of anywhere between 3-16 interlocking pieces that will be completely interchangeable with every piece that we make. We have been working very closely with Onell Designs and using their Glyos system of interchangeable joints. This is the exact same system Onell uses on their figure lines and that the 4 Horsemen use on their OUTER SPACE MEN line of figures. That means all of our stuff will work not only with your 6-7″ scale action figures, it will work with all of those figures as well.We are using a mix of PVC pieces and ABS pieces. We are even toying around with doing some vac-metal ABS for our convention and partner exclusives when the time comes. Planned conventions(we’ll have a booth or table) for 2012 are Emerald City Comic Con, Power-Con, NYCC, and a few others we will announce once we have them locked. We will be at SDCC but we might not be able to get a table.

In the first drop, we are offering 5 different weapons all in 5 different colorways. They will be offered in sets as well as singles. And since we are mass producing these our production costs have come way down so you’ll see that in the price you pay. If you were paying $10 a weapon before you can look forward to paying about half that going forward. There will be even more savings when ordering entire sets. This is one of the things we are most excited about. Getting more out there to more fans at a more manageable price.

What are the weapons? We have some brand new stuff and a few new takes and updates on weapons we offered in resin.

First will be a sword reminiscent of our 1st and last resin pieces. A hybrid of sorts. A mash-up between the Master Blade of the Empyrean and the Sword of Ages. (6 pieces)

Then we have a re-worked version of the Blade of the Demon King. Same blade but with a new twist. (3 pieces)

To that I designed a companion piece that I’m calling the Blade of the Falcon Lord. (3 pieces)

Fourth, will be a shield. But not just any shield. We’ve taken our signature round domed and studded Shield of Destruction/Deliverance and stepped it up. This bad boy will include a method for you to give even your open handed figures a weapon to wield. (14 pieces)

Fifth and my absolute favorite of the bunch will be something I’ve wanted to do for a while but was limited by the resin that we used. A war-hammer for the 6-7″ scale. Well it’s more of a hammer/axe combo like I did for Chalybeous. But the beauty of it is, if that’s not your bag you can always buy 2 and swap out the heads to make a true war-hammer and have all the pieces to make a killer battleaxe. For extra badassery on this guy we added several removeable and reconfigureable spikes, a couple of skulls, and an adapter that will allow you to connect any of our new weapons with your Space Pirate, Master Strategist, or Typhoon Tyrant types. (16 pieces)

So that’s what you can expect from us when we reopen the store. I can’t wait to show you all pictures and all the crazy wicked cool *****in’ stuff you can build using the Glyos system with our weapons.

For those of you on the Chalybeous waitlist. We have all of the pieces cast up and are starting the arduous task of cleaning, sanding, prepping, and painting. It is gonna take a while but it’ll be worth it. Chalybeous will be our most limited item ever. Only 110 pieces of this resin behemoth will be out there. The molds have given up the ghost and we are retiring him as soon as the waitlist is fulfilled.

Please note: The waitlist is closed as the molds are now gone. If you messaged me and I have responded asking for your shipping address then there is no need to message again, your hammer is cast and being finished. IF I messaged you and you have not yet responded with your shipping address please do so.
I had a goal set of getting these all done by the end of 2011. That goal unfortunately will not be met. Between work commitments, family obligations, and the loss of a very dear friend the week before Thanksgiving I have had to put the hammers on the back burner for a time. But don’t worry, I will have them to you as quickly as I can when some dust settles around here.

Thank you all for your continued support of SpyMonkey Creations, Inc.
Brian (Brian-Man)
Jeremy (SpyMagician)
Producer Bill (Fresh Monkey)


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