Toyguru wants Illumina in the MOTUC line now?

Various forums and news outlets for Masters of the Universe around the web have been swept up over the seeming back and forth about getting a figure of Illumina made.  For those who do not know, and probably most people don’t … she was basically the promo art for a MVC Creations Masters of the Universe comic book.  She was to be featured in a fourth issue that never came out.

There have been some mixed words that have come from both the fan community and Toyguru over the eventual chance of Illumina being made.  Scott (Toyguru) posted quite a long defense of himself and claims his intentions behind the fan’s choice poll was in fact to get a Illumina figure made.We’ll get right down to what Scott specifically said on forums today:

Okay, there seem to be more conspiracy theories around Illumina then Roswell. Let me see if I can clear some of this up.

I’ve said before how Illumia is a bit of an obscure character. A few folks have asked about other “obscure” characters that have been in the line, Gygor, Vikor, maybe even Star Sisters as a comparison.

I’m not here to justify every choice, but as a broad overview, all of those character had longer histories or links directly to the vintage line. This gave them the extra “ah” factor management wants.

People have also asked (Suspected!) that Mattel wouldn’t do Illumnia because she is connected to Val and Emiliano. Honestly, I really think this is something that means more to you guys. Mattel seriously has no opinion on this.

At the end of the day she is: “a character who never appeared in a story but only on a print ad”. The zealous desire to see her in the line on this site and others I presume is because she has a connection to the founders and I totally respect that. (unless I am reading into things and the desire is instead perhaps due to her look? I can’t think of something else since she has since she never had a storyline) But I can confirm her connection to Val or Emiliano or anyone else from 200X era never even comes up here. The ONLY time creators have EVER been linked directly to one figure are the 6 new 30th figures due to the PR angle and the contest. It is a one time thing to do this. Otherwise, it is policy that all characters in MOTU are created by Mattel employees or freelancers etc…and owned by Mattel, end of story I hope. We don’t ever get into individual creators etc… In the past I have alluded that occasionally fans can jump to conclusions. This is a textbook example and I hope this clears this up! 😉

Furthermore, when I note that Illumina is wanted by a small but loud group, that in no way means I don’t respect this group and want to find a way to get her in the line. I TOTALLY respect that for whatever reason (be it her look, her cat or her connection to Emiliano etc..,) fans do want her in the line. And that is awesome. So here is where some misunderstanding may have occurred.

I don’t want to throw off the current polls (here or on the German sites) so I am a bit afraid to state this…but… I feel some behind the scenes info would help. Ready?…I created this poll (as a marketing tool and fan engagement device) with the idea that I could use it to try and find a way to get Illumina in the line!

You see; I know if I bring her to management as part of a “monthly slot” I’m going to get shot down. I’m sorry, but she is just too obscure and lacking an additional bonus of having a link to the vintage line. Honestly, no one but me wants to do her (trust me, I have pitched her so I know).

BUT: if she “happens” to win a fan choice… I suddenly have the ammo I need to get her into the line through management approvals!

MOTUC is not just “Scott Neitlich says!”. Hardly at all. Yes I am a guiding force and I wrote the mini comic story and the overarching bio story but when it comes to individual figures and slots we still need to get approvals like every other line and work through the existing Mattel system (that word you all love called Logistics!).

But as brand manager it is also my job to deliver figures fans want. I hear you on Illumina, I really do. So you can see my issue. A figure fans want but one I know management will shoot down. I knew I needed a bigger WOW to get Illumina (or a character just as obscure and demanded) into the line for fans. So how do we do this: bang – we are doing a contest!

Granted in the end, the contest is for any “out of the way” character. This is your (the customer/fan’s) chance to give a character that is otherwise a little bit obscure that extra “I won the fan’s choice” hrummph that will let that character glide through approvals.

I want to do all I can to deliver fan demanded characters in the line. Outside of Carnivus, there really hasn’t been anyone i pushed for that didn’t also have fan demand (I hope!). I have to work within the Mattel “system” and believe me, that is a full time job on its own. Finding a way to give a character as obscure as Illumina (and not connected to the vintage line in some way) extra ZIP wasn’t simple.

So in conclusion, I hope whomever fans want the most not only wins the website nominations but hopefully the subscriber vote off in July. Either way, this slot is yours to contribute to in order to get someone you really want into the line for sure! If it is Illumina, awesome. If someone else wins, awesome as well. Either way, fans win!

Hope this helps!


PS: Yes I did really vote for her!

So it would appear after all this back and forth about this figure that Scott may have been trying to get her in the line through the vote.  Although I am sure some people would contend he has had a bit of a hostile attitude towards her.  Earlier this week Emiliano Santalucia who, if I am correct, created the character was told to take down the bio he had up on the figure and was not too happy about it.

From the outside there seems to be a pretty heated relationship between Scott and Emiliano, probably a lot deeper than anyone cares to know.  But regardless it looks like after all this Scott has offered some type of olive branch to the community over this. I suppose the best we can do now is vote for our favorite figure from the mega obscure list … and then hope the subscribers next year vote the best figure in.

Here is a pretty cool mock up Emiliano did of how to do a MOTUC version of Illumina.  This is a really cool mock up and I do hope it’s a possibility, I would love some more Gar characters in the line.  Also below you can check out the ad for that comic issue that never came to be and started all this craziness:

5 thoughts on “Toyguru wants Illumina in the MOTUC line now?”

  1. Allseeingeternian

    Scott Neitlich. These two words are now fairly potent in the action figure collecting realm. He was originally deemed to be Mattel’s answer to Lucasfilm/Hasbro’s Steve Sansweet, a former fan of a property who was now its representative here on Earth.
    Where Sansweet had a proven track record as a ‘Star Wars’ fan and treated every fan he encountered with deference, respect and a sense of brotherhood, Neitlich makes these claims about himself in relation to MOTUC, but his actions contradict these claims.
    The “Luckiest S.O.B alive” as he may state, Scott Neitlich has come over less as the cool nerdy brother with the cool toy collection he’s willing to share and more the spoilt rich kid in the street who rubs his coool toys in the faces of other kids who want but don’t have it. Since becoming the MOTUC line’s brand manager he has pushed for figures he wants made – even some execrable Spawn/Deadpool/Spidey/The Spot knock-off of his own invention called ‘The Mighty Spector’. This is a toy he claims he invented as a child but which is so clearly sporting the chatroom name the bespectacled Neitlich had as a late-teenager/adult.
    Point is… Scott cannot be trusted. His trend, as with the Illumina debacle, is to proclaim arrogantly on a fan matter that it is his decision to do one thing or another on saidmatter and that it is final. After fan disquiet, usually on, Neitlich does a volte-face, pretending that he is a timid clerk toadying to unseen “Highert Ups” and it was their decision to get him to say the arrogant unpopular thing (whatever that was) Highert ups who, if my experience is anything to go by, are too busy brokering deals on golf courses and probably couldn’t give a rat’s ass what toy Neitlich produced in this niche line as long as it:

    (a) didn’t take a kid or nerdgeek’s eye out when played with
    (b) wasn’t anti-religious or pro-profanity
    (c) made a bit of money

    Neitlich dearly wants to be regarded as the “George Lucas” or “Walt Disney” of MOTUC and his Macchiavellian hostility towards Emiliano – a master artist and MOTU archivist responsible for retrieving photos and documents without which MAtty would not have made a third of their MOTUC stuff – is born of a jealousy to guard that status. He has completely alienated Emiliano, the “St Paul” of MOTU for over two decades. neitlich has even tried to rile and dis the cool-as-ice val Staples, MOTUs other major fan representative.
    it must stick in Neitlich’s craw that is more popular than the forums. It must stick in his craw that the unmade ‘Illumina’ is more popular than his ridiculous ‘the Mighty Spector’.
    What’s more is that he continues to rile and bait the fan community under some guise of “reminding fans of their duty to buy” but his style is that of the persistent, passive-aggressive graduate salesman and his ethics are the worst kind of careerist, Ivy league callousness.
    MOTU fandom would be well rid of this chap.

  2. Hey there I think your doing great work so your bosses won’t go for illumnia well never mind let’s push for another female character that allot of collectors want:the one and only entrapta.we need this long haired bad girl to finish the horde team obviously we will get the horde troopers and modgelock but entrapta was the hordes weapon and vehicle maker so w need her in.

  3. Well said entrapta was one cool babe I’d buy 5 subs just to get this character.its about time we were listened to.preternia your doing a good job keep them old original characters that we all loved coming.

  4. Well said allseeingeternian Scott should not be trusted.he ain’t bothered what the collectors want all his intentions are for him self he’s proved this on numerous accashions.persnolly I don’t think we will ever see the old characters that we want but such as made up shit we will definatly see if Scotts got some thing to do with it.he needs to listen to our needs for a change as were the customer/collector and without us no job.will we ever see characters such as scorpia,entrapta,tonguelasher,madamrazz,glimmer,imp,kowl,double trouble,two bad,modgelock??????I hold my breath.

    1. Amazingly, we did get scorpia, entrapta, tongue lasher, madam razz, glimmer, imp, kowl ,double trouble, two bad, and modulock. Unfortunately, both Glimmer and Double Trouble had pretty bad design issues. Mattel Design took the 4H’s awesome designs and made them look terrible (Double Trouble = Triple Chin).

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