2012 Holiday Gift Guide

That time is upon us!  You know THAT time, the holiday season.  And I’m sure you have nerdy loved ones who you just want to make happy.  It’s tough to figure these things out, but I think a little list here of some of the coolest collectibles and action figures this year might give you some ideas.

The Walking Dead – There is nothing hotter right now than the Walking Dead.  The TV show is pulling in millions of viewers every week, the comics are going strong, and the merchandise is all over the place.  If you are looking to get a big zombie fan some cool stuff, I suggest these:

Video Games – For the Gamer in your life there is quite a lot of product out there.  Some stuff that has just recently come out:

  • NECA Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman – Gordon comes with a Head Crab and host of Half-Life inspired accessories.  This is the first Gordon figure ever made, if they liked the games they will love this!
  • NECA Left 4 Dead Boomer – One of my personal figures of the year.  Millions play Left 4 Dead, get them one of the iconic special infected.
  • NECA Left 4 Dead Smoker – The newest release, if you get the Boomer, might as well add a Smoker to the pot!

For the PC Gamer, Amazon has a ton of specials and cheap games in their Direct Download Store!

Keep checking back as we update and add new things!

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