1/17 SALE REMINDER: Sorceress, Fearless Photog & More

01.09.11The Official Sale Page is up on Matty.

Welp, Demo-Man is still LOST but at least Matty has let us know about the 1/17/2012 sale date (pushed back a day because of Martin Luther King Jr. holiday).  This will actually be the first time I don’t need to log in for the sale day, but they have a pretty large selection including the Sorceress, Fearless Photog, some MOTUC reissues, Ghostbusters, and the new always in stock figures.  Read on for the full statement from Matty.

Toy Fans,

Here’s your reminder for our upcoming sale on Tuesday, January 17th (it’s Tuesday rather than Monday due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday). Be here at 9 a.m. PT and here’s what will be waiting for you:

Masters of the Universe® Classics

  • Sorceress®, Club Eternia® Figure of the Month (included with 2012 subscriptions)
  • Fearless Photog™ (included with MOTU 30th Anniversary Series subscriptions only)
  • Battle Armor® Skeletor®
  • Faker®
  • Mer-Man®


  • “Ready to Believe You” 6″ Peter Venkman (with Taxi Cab Ghost)

Remember, starting with our January 17th sale, you’ll find these MOTUC and Ghostbusters™ essentials in the store, ready to join your collection. Don’t worry about missing them, because they’ll be available all year!

  • He-Man®
  • Battle Cat®
  • Skeletor®
  • Panthor®
  • 6″ Peter Venkman (with proton stream)
  • 6″ Ray Stantz (with “no ghost” ghost)

As always, the sale starts at 9 a.m. PT (12 noon ET). For a reminder email, just click here to register. You can also find reminders on Facebook, Twitter and in our Fan Forums, too.

See you on Tuesday, January 17th!



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