Demo-Man still missing, where is Demo-Man?

Well the debacle with MOTUC Demo-Man continues.  As we had posted earlier last week, Demo-Man had started shipping and arriving at some people’s places.  I guess Matty had started to get inundated with people asking where their Demo-Man was and addressed the nation via their Facebook.

And I quote:

MOTUC Fans, we know you’re all wondering where Demo Man is and we’re tracking down the shipment as you read this. The minute we have confirmation, we’ll post it.

So in typical Matty fashion, they made the situation a little more confusing than it needed to be instead of answering some questions they just made more.  Sounds like a TV show I used to really enjoy watching …

While looking for a picture of Demo-Man, because I don’t have one to call my own yet!  I came upon some fan art that really missed the mark on his looks:


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