His Name is Bane …

In a huge not shock whatsoever, Hot Toys teased their Bane figure for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises film.  Unfortunately a huge part of any Hot Toys release is seeing how good the head looks and they are keeping that under wraps for now.  But regardless they did a hell of a job on his coat.  I can see those coats becoming the next big thing after this movie, they look so fluffy and warm … great for bracing that Pittsburgh weather.

So without further ado, Bane sans head:

Ohhh say can you seee ….?

It’s also worth noting, there is a hilarious BBC clip of Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon doing impressions of Michael Caine throughout the years.  If you are a Michael Caine, Batman, BBC, or even Bane fan it’s worth watching.  Enjoy!

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