Resident Evil 6 Revealed!

Friday Capcom dropped a bomb on people like me who are huge Resident Evil fans through and through.  That bomb was a rather lengthy trailer for none other than Resident Evil 6!  Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, two of my favorite characters have returned as the main characters followed by a third mystery mercenary who appears to have magical world saving blood (I believe he’s Hunk, but nothing was confirmed.)

So after sitting through that trailer with a giddy, borderline stupid, smile the entire time I started to reflect back on all the great toys we have gotten through the years from Resident Evil.  I used to be a pretty big collector of various anything related to Resident Evil, going to expensive extents to complete import collections.  I think my favorite line to collect was the Moby Dick Biohazard (Resident Evil in Japan) line.

Hunk is a prime example of what you would get with the Moby Dick Resident Evil line.  They were roughly 8 inch scale figures with fairly limited articulation.  They would include a base, some accessories, and a piece of the Nemesis Type III.  For those who never got too far into Resident Evil 3, there is an image of the third nemesis type right in the box.  I eventually tracked all of these figures down and building that Nemesis was one of the more satisfying collecting moments I ever had.  It is truly a great figure and I would imagine a grail to any serious Resident Evil collector.

Some of the coolest figures in the Moby Dick line were the ones we never really got anywhere else.  Rebecca Chambers was huge, and was only offered in the US for a very short time through Diamond for roughly $29.99 back in a time when Marvel Legends cost about $5 per figure.  She easily reaches hundreds on Ebay now because oddly there has never been another figure of her made in a larger “action figure” type scale.  The other big one in this line is the Nemesis Type II.  Moby Dick had a real thing for the Nemesis, making the build-a-figure Nemesis Type III, and two regular releases of Nemesis Type II and Type I.  Type II is another one that has never seen another release, he’s shirtless with tentacles popping out his arms and all … it’s a really cool design.

I believe Palisades had one planned for release had they done a third series.  I don’t believe a prototype was ever shown, but I seem to recall their VP Ken Lilly mentioning it.  Palisades was another company that had a very solid run with the Resident Evil property.  Palisades got out three series or articulated figures that were roughly six inch scale so they fit in pretty well with a Marvel Legend or the SOTA Street Fighter figures.

Some of the stand outs in the Palisades’ line were some great figures that, again, were never really revisited.  They got out a couple of Code Veronica characters such as Alexia Ashford and Nosferatu.  They are also the only company to put out an action figure sized Wesker (Hot Toys did one later but that was 12″ and also VERY expensive)  I loved Wesker because he came with two heads, shades and evil eyes.  He was also packed with a hunter.  My only issue with that Wesker was that his hands were both open so he could not hold a gun.  In the same wave as Wesker we got a huge G-4 Birkin which was another first and only.

Palisades was one of those once in a lifetime companies that just brought it with all their releases.  Resident Evil is the product that caught my attention from them, I went on to collect a little too many things from them.  I’ll definitely miss their dedication to their products.

Next up, Resident Evil toys: NECA, Toy Biz, Dragon, and beyond!  Coming soon.

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