Wind Raider sold out, but underperformed?

An interesting answer was given to one of Matty’s Q&A’s over at thefwoosh.  When asked about the success of the Winder Raider Matty responded with this:

The Windraider did “okay”. While we didn’t need to quite see the sell out Battlecat had in his first release, his fast sell out did help justify keeping the large scale beast assortment going. At this time, due the extremly high tooling and “one use” of any vehicle tool (i.e. no shared parts) we aren’t locked into more vehicles for the 2012. As we gear up for 2013 we will look into whether a vehicle will work based on how the Windraider performed.

So apparently an item that sells out in three days is not successful according to Mattel.  This erupted a bit of a discussion on the subject between fans and all and Toy Guru decided to fan the flames a little more.

So, my self, and basically most people with common sense would assume that when an item is planned they account for tooling, distribution, etc.  And then they make the appropriate number of items to make a profit or whatever their plan was.  They sold out of the item, yet Scott claims it is not successful and claims we can not have any more information because it is private.

Guys, just to take a step back here, would you prefer I lied to you and said it was a huge smash? I’m trying to be honest and give you correct info.

There was more tooling put into the Windraider then we would have used for a figure like Ram Man. It was a HUGE investment in not just tooling but man hours. I’m giving you the truth, I’m not going to mislead anyone. Yeesh. If I knew the reaction would have been like this I might have just asked PR to write “no comment” or “Mattel does not release this info” in the Q & A when they ask for my input on brand specific questions that come in.

Look, bottom line is the WR underperformed, simple as that. I do my best to always give customers and fans the true info. If you are going to hang me out to dry over giving you a straight truthful answer, I’m honestly not sure what I should do.

I’m not going to ever intentionally lie to the customer base. If that means sometimes there is bad news or not as good news, so be it. It sure beats giving out false info and giving people the wrong impression on how things perform. I would think above all you would want the truth and that is what you got.

Hope this helps!

So the item is a huge investment for them, and sold everything they made … but it’s not a success?  Were we supposed to buy more than what was made for it to be a success?  Does Digital River charge by the day an item is in their warehouse?  Questions we will never really know the answer to because it’s a secret!

More secrets!

There are simply things that are proprietary to Mattel and how we define product success is one of them. I totally get the frustration. But in the end, I can’t offer more details on this, as quite frankly, I’m just not allowed to. There is a limit to what I can share with the public. I do try to provide info and clarification on the boards whenever I can, but there are some business details which I can not go into. This is one of them.

If I can answer other questions I’m happy to. Just head over to the Ask Matty thread on as I try to answer what I can as often as time will permit.

Probably should have never said anything to begin with if you can’t follow up with an answer better than “it’s a secret.”

Meanwhile … I still haven’t even gotten shipping notice on Dem0-Man, just thought I’d sneak that in there.



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