Hasbro NY Toy Fair 2012 Coverage

The first big presentation for the New York Toy Fair 2012 is the Hasbro one.  I’ll go ahead and update this post as new stuff comes

Transformers: (Note Transformers apparently has roughly 30 video games coming out with huge tie ins to their product. So if you like video games AND toys AND Transformers … this may be the year for you!)

  1. Transformers the ride opens at Universal Studios in May.  The gift shop will sell six exclusives from the ride.
  2. Transformers MMO is in production, will be called “Transformers Universe.”  There will be ample toy opportunity from this venture.
  3. Kre-O will don the “Quest for Energon” as the theme for next year.  Devastator shown.  29 New mini figs.
  4. Bot Shots – Mini Transformers that tie into a Pokemon-type game.  You plug in your toys online and will be able to battle other players in May.
  5. Fall of Cybertron Game.  Toy tie in (Surprise!) first wave will be
  6. Generations will be releasing about 40 new figures this year.

GI Joe:

  1. Movie year!  Retaliation will have 50 figures, 9 vehicles, 4 SDCC Exclusive figures and 1 SDCC exclusive vehicle.
  2. Full release of the movie line should be early June.
  3. Wave 2 – July: Road Block, Firefly, Flint, Snake-Eyes, and Storm Shadow.
  4. Wave 3 – August: Colton, Lady Jaye, Alley Vipor, Dragon Ninja, Cyber Ninja
  5. Wave 5 – October:  Jinx (Yellow), Crimson Guard, Night Vipor.
  6. SDCC Exclusive Jinx (Red & White)
  7. Crossover Transformers Shockwave Hiss Tank, comes with Destro (Purple with Decepticon Logo) and BAT.

Star Wars:

  1.  New figures will have light up lightsabers!
  2. Trade Federation MTT revealed with motorized battle droid rack that can hold 20 battle droids.  Droids are also included with the vehicle, and the rack will detract/retract like it did in the movie.
  3. SDCC Carbonite Chamber six pack, includes Jar Jar in carbonite.
  4. Vintage line: Nien Numb, Tarkin, Nikto, Royal Guard on the way.
  5. Fan’s choice figure is Mara Jade (Artwork shown, no figure pic yet)


  1. Spider-Man movie: RC Climbing Spider-Man that goes up walls.
  2. 13″ Web Shooting Spider-Man.
  3. Wave 1 of the movie Spider-Man stuff will be comic deco, probably out prior to movie.
  4. Wave 2 will be movie accurate.
  5. Apparently there is an 8″ Legends Lizard (Legends scale maybe?)
  6. Nerf Hawkeye bow!
  7. 3 foot Avengers Helicarrier, made for 4″ scale figures (aka movie figures)
  8. Mini Muggs going retail again.
  9. Legends (Boxes will use Ed McGuiness art): Wave 3: US Agent, New Blade, Mystique … future figure: Hyperion.

Marvel Universe 2012:

– Wave 1 Ultimate Spider-Man, Beta Ray Bill and new Kraven (Grim Hunt). Miles Variant for Spider-Man which will ship first. Astonishing Beast and Hulk.

– Wave 2 Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Punisher, Kang, Future Foundation Spider-Man with a Paper Bag Head Spider-Man.

– Wave 3 – Puck (can stand on his hand) Angel, Hercules and Nova and Nighthawk. Puck will have a Snowbird

– Wave 4 Prof X, Blastarr with a variant that has clear blasting hands and Jubliee

– 2013 will see a Death’s Head figure.

– Team Packs Bleedin Edge Avengers, Inhumans with Blackbolt, Karnak and Medusa

– Team Pack Uncanny X-Men with Rogue, Longshot, Wolverine and X-Baby Cyclops

– Comic 2-pack Hulk vs Wolverine and Silver Centurion Iron Man/ Mandarin

– Comic 2-packs Cap with 70’s Deco Falcon and Doctor Strange/Silver Surfer


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