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News around the web on Masters of the Universe classics.  Granamyr will be made out of old cardboard and banana peels to save costs!  Actually he will be plastic similar to Tytus/Megator … “but a bit bigger.”  A bit bigger is probably plenty bigger, but I guess we need something to over react to.

People were concerned about Granamyr using the foam material that Stay Puft (who people have been having yellowing issues with) and Snout Spout’s trunk (People are seeing breakage when posing it too much … I did kind of mention the stress wrinkles in my review) were made out of.  So Toy Guru graciously put the cabosh on that:

Granamyr will be made out of bannan peels and old cardboard.

Relax all. He will be a plastic figure like Tytus or Megator only a little bigger.

Also Matty has added a Subscriptions section to your account where you can now edit your subscription options.  You can use different cards for different subs, have them sent to different addresses, they added a bunch of options.  The combined shipping will kick in after your first subscription renewal so starting next month you will be allowed to combine your 30th and Voltron sub with your main MOTU sub.

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