MOTUC News: Horsemen working on Create-a-Character, SDCC Wind Raider

News has all but dried up since the showing at New York Toy Fair.  But we did get a few fun snippets in today, as well as my Fearless Photog that I hope to have a review of up shortly.  First things first, the Horsemen tweeted earlier today that they are “Crankin away on 3 new MotU Classics figures. One of them is the new 30th anniversary fan created figure!!”  So the fan created figure has obviously been chosen and the Horsemen are about to do their thing with it.  I’m excited for both the figure, and the rage it will produce from all the people who didn’t get picked.

I also hope its a dinosaur.  Masters of the Universe Classics is seriously lacking in the dinosaur department.

The other little tidbit is that the Wind Raider will be getting a second release at SDCC this year.  So while you are picking up your new exclusive whatever … you can throw probably $50 down to get a shiny new Wind Raider.  I’m guessing on the price, but everything else went up so I am just left to assume.

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