MOTUC News: Subscription Section Down

I guess enough people were confused by the new subscription service on Mattycollector so they decided to pull it for the time being.

Everyone, we’ve heard all your comments and questions about the My Subscriptions pages. Until we can figure out the answers and come up with solutions, we’re going to take the pages down. If you need to change your SUBSCRIPTION information, please call Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY. You can still change your information for all other Shop purchases at My Account.

The sale page for 2/15 is officially up.  Sorry you won’t be able to buy the Shadow Weaver they put up.  But you can get Fisto, Sorceress, and Fearless Photog!

In other news, my twitter feed worked out to summarized someone’s unhappiness with a previous Matty announcement:


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