MOTUC NY Toy Fair 2012 Post Mortem

A whole lot went down as far as news, reveals, and rumors at Toy Fair 2012 this year.  There is information all over the place, so I figured I would put together a nice little run down of what we have to look forward to for the next half of the year.

Reveals: First the obvious, we have four new releases revealed: Spikor and Snake Men Two-Pack will be out July 2012.  August will not see a regular release figure, but the fourth 30th Anniversary figure by Geoff Johns will be Sir Lasor-Lot.  September will be Frosta and a yet to be named regular release.

A lot of information was given in Toy Guru’s walkthrough with Pixel Dan.  Be sure to check it out, it’s really good.  Dan does great videos.

Horde Prime will not come with the previously shown staff, everything else is still there.  It just didn’t cost out for them to include so many accessories.  Picture for reference.


The Man-At-Arms handcannon and Keldor combining Power Swords were revealed.  They will be included in a 2012 released figure but that will be a mystery until those figures actually arrive.  This is described as an incentive for people who get all the figures in the line, that parts such as these will continue to be made to complete older releases for the fans.

Slush Head will be the first figure in the line without a removable head.  The head is attached to the armor (which is removable) they decided it was more important to be able to fill his dome with water than to have the head be removable.   TG says you can 100% blame him for that.

Toy Guru explained the background on Snake Man-At-Arms.  He was supposed to be a par of the third season of the MYP cartoon.  He was entirely made to be a marketting tool to have a reason for Snake Men vehicles.  He becomes a snake, then introduces the Snake Men to technology.  Clamp Champ takes over as the replacement for Man-At-Arms at that point in the series.

Also Snake Man-At-Arms how has the robotic parts for his arms and legs.  He had Man-E-Faces shoulder balls and Roboto arms so there is no issue with the reverse shoulder problem.  The armor is also dry brushed, a lot of detail work went into Snake Man-At-Arms redeco.  He can also sub in as a 200x Man-At-Arms.

Frosta was a “rush job” to get there in time for the show.  Thats why paint is a little sloppy around the eyes.  As we get closer to the production model, things will look a lot cleaner.  They are also kicking around the idea of a translucent cape similar to Jewelstar’s.

Sir Laser-Lot may have a new crotch peice.  Geoff Johns asked the Horsemen if they could give him a red belt to break up the body a bit.  They are looking into the best choices for that, if it can be done.

A few hints were dropped regarding the Snake Men two pack.  Hinted at possibly variant colors (Green and Red) and also Scott mentioned that he highly doubts this is it for the Snake Men faction this year.  The obvious next choice I personally think, would be Rattlor.

The paint on the Mighty Spector will be dulled a little bit.

Kobra Kahn’s little snake pet is nameless.

Thunder Punch He-Man comes with a fake ring of pop caps.  It can either be loaded into his backpack or part of his shield.

Stinkor’s modern head is not a 200x head, but since the original was a Mer-Man reuse, they wanted to make a head that would be “his own.” (Editor’s note: It’s still a 200x head to me)

Scott threw out the idea of additional spell effects similar to the punch effect Thunder Punch He-Man comes with.  Possibly a new pack, or pack in for future figures.

Scott claims customer service issues will be a thing of the past in the next couple weeks.  Claims to have hired a dedicated person and everything will be running smooth shortly.

Schedules were moved around a bit more for later in the year figures like Griffin.  Check the release dates for the most up to date schedule.

And finally, at SDCC there will be a MOTUC costume contest.  The winner will get a 2013 subscription as the prize.  Scott will also dress as the Mighty Spector.



2 thoughts on “MOTUC NY Toy Fair 2012 Post Mortem”

  1. Allseeingeternian

    Scott Neitlich. These two words are now fairly potent in the action figure collecting realm. He was originally deemed to be Mattel’s answer to Lucasfilm/Hasbro’s Steve Sansweet, a former fan of a property who was now its representative here on Earth.
    Where Sansweet had a proven track record as a ‘Star Wars’ fan and treated every fan he encountered with deference, respect and a sense of brotherhood, Neitlich makes these claims about himself in relation to MOTUC, but his actions contradict these claims.
    The “Luckiest S.O.B alive” as he may state, Scott Neitlich has come over less as the cool nerdy brother with the cool toy collection he’s willing to share and more the spoilt rich kid in the street who rubs his coool toys in the faces of other kids who want but don’t have it. Since becoming the MOTUC line’s brand manager he has pushed for figures he wants made – even some execrable Spawn/Deadpool/Spidey/The Spot knock-off of his own invention called ‘The Mighty Spector’. This is a toy he claims he invented as a child but which is so clearly sporting the chatroom name the bespectacled Neitlich had as a late-teenager/adult.
    Point is… Scott cannot be trusted. His trend, as with the Illumina debacle, is to proclaim arrogantly on a fan matter that it is his decision to do one thing or another on saidmatter and that it is final. After fan disquiet, usually on, Neitlich does a volte-face, pretending that he is a timid clerk toadying to unseen “Highert Ups” and it was their decision to get him to say the arrogant unpopular thing (whatever that was) Higher ups who, if my experience is anything to go by, are too busy brokering deals on golf courses and probably couldn’t give a rat’s ass what toy Neitlich produced in this niche line as long as it:

    (a) didn’t take a kid or nerdgeek’s eye out when played with
    (b) wasn’t anti-religious or pro-profanity
    (c) made a bit of money

    Neitlich dearly wants to be regarded as the “George Lucas” or “Walt Disney” of MOTUC and his Macchiavellian hostility towards Emiliano – a master artist and MOTU archivist responsible for retrieving photos and documents without which MAtty would not have made a third of their MOTUC stuff – is born of a jealousy to guard that status. He has completely alienated Emiliano – the “St Paul” of MOTU for over two decades – beginning with a cutting response to emiliano’s offer of assistance on the line from Scott, “Yep. just send your Cv into Mattel or keep looking at our vacancies section!”
    Neitlich has even tried to rile and dis the cool-as-ice Val Staples, MOTU’s other major fan representative.
    It must stick in Neitlich’s craw that is more popular than the forums. It must stick in his craw that the unmade ‘Illumina’ is more popular than his ridiculous ‘The Mighty Spector’.
    What’s more is that he continues to rile and bait the fan community under some guise of “reminding fans of their duty to buy” but his style is that of the persistent, passive-aggressive graduate salesman and his ethics are the worst kind of careerist, Ivy league callousness.

    MOTU fandom would be well rid of this chap.

  2. So its not only the back to the future fans that Scott Neitlich is managing to upset. In talking about the prop replica hoverboard from back to the future to be released in 2012, he’s been hinting at a working model in 2015, then when people question him, he says he is just joking, but he continues to say this in interviews.

    I guess he wants people to be suckered into buying the piece of plastic replica for $120 bucks this year.

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