MOTUC Toy Fair Reveals: Spikor, Frosta, Snake Men 2-Pack, more ..

The curtain has been pulled back and Mattel has shown off the new reveals that will take us into SDCC for Masters of the Universe Classics!  Some kind of expected reveals along with some stuff completely out of left field.

First we have Snake Man-At-Arms, who had already been revealed.  However they have added Roboto legs and arms to him and this makes this quarterly variant a lot stronger and cooler looking in my opinion.  I felt the original reveal of a repainted Man-At-Arms with a new head was a little bit on the cheap side.  I am now fully in love with it.  Available 6/15/2012.

Next up is Spikor!  This is one I didn’t see coming, looks great.  He comes with three interchangeable hands: two are different sized tridents, and a spiked club.  Coming 7/16/2012.

In the same month as Spikor, there will be a Snake Men Soldiers two pack!  Including one snake that has 95% new tooling (pretty much setting up Rattlor as a coming release).  Each soldier comes with two heads, open and closed mouths.  Looks to be a good year for the Snake men after a heavy Horde year last year.  Also out on 7/16/2012.

Frosta, one of the heavily rumored, and most wanted POP figures finally shows her face.  Bearing a very strong Filmation look, Frosta will be released in September (there will not be a regular subscription figure in August because Frosta is delayed a month) along with another yet to be announced mystery figure.  Comes out 9/15/12.

Note: Per the 4 Horsemen, Frosta’s paint was rushed to get her there in time for Toy Fair.  The final product will be a lot cleaner, especially around the eyes.

Never fear however, if you have a 30th Anniversary subscription then you get to spend your August with Sir Laser Lot.  The fourth figure in the 30th Anniversary Series created by Geoff Johns.  Sir Laser Lot was rumored to be called Lay-Saur which many people believed would be a dinosaur with lasers.  Well he didn’t turn out to be that, but he’s a pretty neat campy knight.  Will be up on 8/15/12.

So these are the new MOTUC reveals for up through September 2012.  All in all some pretty exciting stuff.  There were a couple accessories shown as well, the interlocking power swords and the Man-At-Arms cannon.  No word yet as to who they will come with.  Also there have been a few schedule shifts, so check the up to date release schedule.


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