NECA NY Toy Fair 2012 Coverage

NECA is coming to Toy Fair 2012 this year with some pretty exciting licenses: Gremlins, Valve (The Game Company who made Half-Life, TF2, Left 4 Dead, etc.), E.T, Gear of War, Assassins Creed, Bioshock Infinite, and more!

Right now they are just putting up preview images but we will keep you up to date with developments from their booth:

From the pictures we can see the various licenses, a lot of new Valve stuff including what looks like the finished TF2 Heavy and Demo Man.  I would guess a two-up of Dr. Gordon Freeman and a headcrab.  The plush TF2 characters are pretty cool and who wouldn’t want to give their kid a plush head crab?

So from Valve we have:

  • Portal Gun Replica (Randy claims retail will be about $130, not bad for such a cool prop gun)
  • Plush TF2 Pyro
  • Plush TF2 Scout
  • Plush TF2 Soldier
  • Plush HL2 Head Crab
  • HL2 Gordon Freeman w/ Head Crab (Summer 2012)
  • TF2 Heavy
  • TF2 Demo Man
  • Left 4 Dead Boomer
  • Left 4 Dead Smoker (Summer 2012)


  • Series 1 – May 2012 (Psycho Bandit, Claptrap)
  • Series 2 – August 2012 (Salvador, Assassin)

Bioshock Infinite:

  • Skyhook Prop Replica – Mid 2012
  • Columbia Souvenier Statue – Mid 2012

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City:

  • Vector


  • Series 2 – May 2012 (Knock out punch Rocky, Ivan Drago)
  • Series 3 – August 2012 (Rocky Yellow Shorts, Clubber Lang)

Nightmare on Elm Street:

  • Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Freddy – September 2012
  • Nightmare on Elm Street 5 Freddy – September 2012


  • Battle Damaged Robocop – June 2012


  • Series 6 – July 2012 (Predator 2 Council Predators I believe)

Friday the 13th:

  • Part 3 Jason Vorhees – June 2012
  • Final Chapter Jason Vorhees – September 2012

NECA also announced that they would be doing Alien Colonial Marines Hicks as well as a Kyle Reese figure.  They posted a picture of the work in progress Kyle to twitter earlier this evening.

And someone stole their Demo Man.  🙁

First Blood Rambo in its early stages. (Just spreading the word!)



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