Mad Matty March Sale Details

If you are looking to save a little cash on some various Mattycollector toys they will be having the “Mad Matty March Sale” from March 1 through the 20th.  This includes 30% off the year round stock (which now includes She-Ra) and 10% off some additional toys they are bringing back just for the sale.  For the MOTUC figures, the 10% basically negates the $2 increas this year so you can pick up the figures for $20.  Check out the release from Matty regarding the sale, and lets hope they don’t pull all stock prior to the 3/15/2012 sale date:

Toy Fans,

I’ve got spring fever and I’ve got it bad: from March 1 through March 20, I’m running a huge sale on tons of great products! Just have a look at the figures that can be yours, including some hard-to-get favorites… Essentials at 30% Off
You asked for more so I’ve seriously beefed up offerings in the Store. These items are available year ’round, but if you shop from March 1 through March 20, you’ll save 30% on every one of them!

  • DCU Classics Figure Stands
  • Ghostbusters™ 6″ Ray Stantz
  • Ghostbusters™ 6” Peter Venkman
  • Infinite Heroes Figure Stands
  • JLU Darkseid & Kalibak 2-Pack
  • MOTUC Battle Cat®
  • MOTUC Castle Grayskull® Diorama & Stands
  • MOTUC He-Man®
  • MOTUC Panthor®
  • MOTUC She-Ra™
  • MOTUC Skeletor®
  • Retro-Action® DC Super HeroesBatman™
  • Retro-Action® DC Super HeroesBlack Adam
  • Retro-Action® DC Super HeroesDarkseid
  • Retro-Action® DC Super HeroesGuy Gardner
  • Retro-Action® DC Super HeroesJohn Stewart
  • Retro-Action® DC Super HeroesMartian Manhunter
  • Retro-Action® DC Super HeroesSHAZAM!
  • Retro-Action® DC Super HeroesSinestro
  • Retro-Action® DC Super HeroesSuperman™
  • Voltron® Blazing Sword Voltron®

Special Mad Matty March Savings – Take 10% Off
You’ll find these hot products only at from March 1 through March 20, all on sale for 10% off!

  • Ghostbusters™ II 2-Pack with 12” Winston Zeddemore & Peter Venkman
  • Ghostbusters™ “Ready to Believe You” 6″ Peter Venkman
  • Ghostbusters™ 6″ Winston Zeddemore with Slime Blower
  • Ghostbusters™ II 2-Pack with 12′ Ray Stantz & Egon Spengler
  • Ghostbusters™ II Vigo
  • JLU 3-Pack Featuring Goldface / Evil Star / Kyle Rayner
  • JLU 3-Pack Featuring Angleman / Firestorm / Killer Frost
  • JLU 3-Pack Featuring Heatwave / The Flash / Mirror Master
  • MOTUC Battle Armor® Skeletor®
  • MOTUC Chief Carnivus™
  • MOTUC Demo-Man™
  • MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards™ Figure 2-Pack
  • MOTUC Gygor™
  • MOTUC Hordak®
  • MOTUC Mer-Man®
  • MOTUC Moss Man® (unflocked ears)
  • MOTUC Trap Jaw®
  • MOTUC Battleground Teela®
  • MOTUC Battleground Evil Lynn®

As always, quantities on some are extremely low and availability is subject to change, so shop early for best selection!

The sale starts Thursday, March 1 at 9 a.m. PT and goes through Tuesday, March 20 at 11:59 PT. I’ll send an email reminder, so click here to register if you haven’t yet, and you can get reminders on Facebook, Twitter and in our Fan Forums.

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