MOTUC News: Kobra Khan Sold Out, Price Increases, Two-Bad!

News for the Masters of the Universe Classics, first off Kobra Khan is now sold out.  He made it a whole one hour and four minutes, for those of us who collected around the time of Moss Man and Teela, that’s not too terribly bad!  Matty did leave the Mad Matty sale items up through the monthly sale so it is still a good time to fill some of those holes in the collection, or just horde away figures for whatever devious purpose you might have.

“Price increase.”  Matty likes to talk about them, a lot (and people like to ask).  Well Toy Guru was on the Podcast “Roast Gooble Dinner” episode 81, and answered fan questions.  The specific answer to a price increase question was that prices across the board will be higher for MOTUC in 2013.  So who knows what that means but we will probably hear a lot about “2012 prices” come subscription time like we heard about “2008 prices” last year.  I am hoping that the subscriptions will at least get the 2012 prices if they go up any further.

I won’t go into all the crazy answers but it was also said that next year’s MOTUC sub exclusive will not be a heavy hitter like Shadow Weaver, so I’m sure that is a relief to some.

Also he did mention the idea of a MOTUC Tuvar, Baddhra, and Two-Bad three pack.  I think that would be a pretty sweet release.


3 thoughts on “MOTUC News: Kobra Khan Sold Out, Price Increases, Two-Bad!”

  1. I think a Two-Bad three pack would be neat, but not having seen the 200X cartoon as of yet, I have very minimal interest in figures of “Tuvar” and “Baddhra.” On top of that, It would seem kind of frivolous to me even if I had seen the cartoon to get his two halves as standalone figures… Especially with these imminent price hikes, I’d much rather just have Two-Bad. I think they should make him (Them?) bigger than the other figures in the line. Closer to Gygor’s size, but not quite that big. He would work best as a hulking brute… At any rate I really want them to make one. He and Spikor were my two “Most Wanted” MOTUC figures, and the upcoming Spikor looks amazing. I desperately want a Two-Bad, but I wouldn’t be thrilled about having to pay for the two halves just to get him.

    1. Ultimately I just want to see him done as well. That three pack would be a good way to get a variant of Two-Bad with maybe a couple of new heads, or something like that. His main release should be single carded though, I agree.

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