NECA Portal Gun Pre-Orders Start Today

After getting a cancellation for my NECA Portal Gun Replica from Bigbadtoystore, I was a little upset and fired off an email to NECA asking if there would be an update on the situation.  Oddly enough, today there was.  Pre-Orders are now up at four different retailers where you can pre-order the NECA Portal Gun replica.  NECA released a statement on their site this afternoon:

In an effort to ensure that our customers and Portal fans have acess to the Aperture Science Handheld Portable Device (ASHPD) at a reasonable cost, we are allowing a select number of key retailers to begin taking pre-orders starting today. These retailers are listed below and they will each have approved allotments of the ASHPD that they will receive at the end of April.

More To Come

We will be announcing a few other approved sites that will pre-sell within the next week, and we will also have a select number of brick & mortar retailers that will sell the ASHPD item in stores once they become available.

We want the consumer to let us know if anyone is trying to “scalp” this item, or force someone to by a “bundle” with other items. You can let us know by emailing portal[at]necaonline[dot]com

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm.

I picked mine up from CornerStoreComics, I have had decent experiences with them in the past.  Shipping is a bit of a beast on this item, Cornerstore charges about $22 to get to the east coast, toynk charges $40.  They are all solid retailers, although I wish they hadn’t bailed on Bigbadtoystore, those guys have always been really good to me and I originally placed my order with them.

Thinkgeek is already sold out of the NECA Portal Gun.

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