Prometheus – Official Full Length Trailer Released

If you are a fan of the Alien films, especially the first and you don’t know much about Prometheus then you should probably check this trailer out right away. Earlier today Ridley Scott revealed the full length trailer for Prometheus at Wondercon. A good minute of it had already leaked in the last 24 hours or so, but putting it all together it is quite an experience.  Go ahead and check out the trailer:

It’s pretty quick paced because obviously they want to keep the lid on what happens as much as possible.  The things we do get to see however is the space jockey.  You an see from the image below it looks all fresh and working in Prometheus, unlike Alien where it is sitting there mummified.

Another cool find today is a video from the Weyland Industry showing an android being opened out of a box, pumping some white blood into it and coming alive.

Prometheus opens June 8, 2012.

Will there be Prometheus toys and action figures?  I’m sure there will be something and I am willing to bet we will see something from NECA in the near future.

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