Ask Matty – April 16, 2012

Here are our questions and Matty’s answers for April 16, 2012. Some of these were probably addressed on various podcasts and Q&A’s before, but alas I am but one man and can’t read them all.

Anyways have fun, and thanks Matty for taking the time!

1. Adding weapons like the MAA Hand Cannon and Keldor swords to mystery future releases to reward people that buy the entire line is a really cool idea. Is there any chance the Staff Horde Prime was originally seen with could see this same route? I’d hate to see it never get made.

We are working on this and ideally want to find a home for all canceled 2012 accessories.

2. It was mentioned that the Snake Men two pack could get a future variant with red/green coloring. Theoretically if this happenned would this be part of the sub or more of a She-Ra 2.0 thing not being part of the sub?

Anything is possible. There are many ways we could do this, but nothing is locked in right now. A non sub item might be the best way as subscribers have been very clear they do not want straight repaints in the sub.

3. With Toyfare (the magazine) gone, it seems we get reveals a lot more spaced out at shows and conventions. Are there any other avenues being considered for reveals for the line? Possibly something like a subscriber only email to give the subscribers a little early news before the rest of the world gets it?

Reveals that were shown in magazines will likely get moved to’s news page going forward. Look for the Sept MOTUC figure to be revealed on in May.

4. Once the Hand Cannon and Keldor swords have actually been released with their figure, would they be up for consideration for a repaint in a weapons pak?

Sure. Anything is possible once the item is tool’d.

5. Fisto, Sorceress, and Kahn sold out pretty fast. If sell out times start to ramp up to 5 minute sell outs or so, will doing second runs of figures from this year be considered? Or is that about where you want them to be at this point in time?

It is the quota we are initerested in, not the sell out, and all three figures sold the quota we needed them to sell.

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