Ask Matty – April 2, 2012

Scott, aka Toy Guru was gracious enough to let me submit bi-monthly questions for all Matty brands. Below are our April 2 “Ask Matty” submissions. If you have a question you would like to ask through us feel free to contact me or post in the comments and I will attempt to get that asked. Thanks and enjoy!

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Now that you have the Filmation rights, would a Filmation Skeletor be more of an added head to another figure ala Demo-Man, or his own release in the variant quarterly slot?

While we are going to be doing new Filmation characters (like Shadow Weaver) in Classics style, there really aren’t plans to do “animated” versions of the characters or Filmation versions unless the Filmation version is extremely different from the vintage/classic toy. King Randor is a good example as his Filmation look was very different from his toy.

The TRU Bizarro/Battle Armor Fakor went really fast and was never available at actual retail. Is there any plans to revisit the Battle Armor Fakor figure or even a reissue of that two-pack?

No, there will be no further production of this 2 pack.

Are Filmation variants going to be taking up the quarterly variant slots or will they be more like Vikor where they are different enough that they deserve their own monthly slot?

As mentioned above, if a character had a true different version/outfit in either Filmation or 200X they could be a candidate for a Quarterly slot. Randor (once again) is an example that works for both series actually! (not that this is a hint, just a good visual example).

When do you think we will get our first look at Granamyr?

He will be shown at SDCC.

I’m sure by now you have seen some of the Castle Greyskull front dioramas various people on the internet have made. Is there any consideration to doing a display piece like this instead of a full on playset that could cost multiple hundreds of dollars?

We have brought this to management several times and they were very clear that if we were to do Castle Grayskull we would not want to compromise and go all the way with a full playset.[/box]

Thanks again to Toy Guru for answering our questions. Check back for the next Ask Matty on the 15th.

2 thoughts on “Ask Matty – April 2, 2012”

  1. All of these questions have been answered many times over. I hope the question about “FILMATION variants” is finally put to rest, once and for all. Most characters on the cartoon are interpretations of the toys and will NOT be getting a variant that basically looks the same as the figure we already have. There are a few exceptions – King Randor for instance, was quite different looking from his toy counterpart. If the deco or the look of the character in the cartoon is basically a simplistic version of the toy, it does not merit a simplistic variant.

    Going forward, please pay attention to the questions that have already been answered repeatedly.

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