MOTUC News: April Subs Renewing, Sale Page

For those of us looking forward to our April 2012 Masters of the Universe Classics shipments, renewal notices have gone out.  Whether you have just the Club Eternia Sub or the 30th Anniversary Sub or both, they will now also ship together which is fantastic for all us trying to save a buck or two.  Hopefully this means that us sub holders should be getting our shipping notice soon.

For the one or two people that might not know the two new figures this month are Thunder Punch He-Man (Quarterly Variant) for the Club Eternia sub and Draego-Man for the 30th Anniversary sub.  There is no actual club Eternia monthly sub figure this month since Stinkor got pushed back to May.  Thunder Punch He-Man comes with the first Mini Comic of the year, and Draego-Man is the completely awesome original character made by The Four Horsemen.

It’s worth noting that over at TheFwoosh, they have started a little campaign I am fully behind getting the Horsemen to do an original figure outside the MOTUC sub every year for Masters of the Universe Classics.  I think this would be great, so if you think so too, please head over to this thread on their forums and throw in your support!

The Sale Page is up on Mattycollector so you can see all the reissues and items up this month.

It looks as though Hordak, King Hsss, and Swiftwind have all been added to the year-round MOTUC figure assortment.  Before anyone asks, King Hsss will still have the (barely noticable but there) reversed shoulders so don’t go buying this one thinking otherwise.

If you are the type who likes to take apart your toys, here is a nice video on how to fix the shoulders on Hsss:

Happy Friday, on Monday many Draego-Men will be bought!


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