MOTUC News: MOTUC Mosquitor Foot Confirmed!

MOTUC Mosquitor has been confirmed for Masters of the Universe Classics!  At least his foot has, but yes a shot of his ankle/foot has surfaced.  We do not have a release date yet for him but the theory is that they will show him at SDCC this year and it will be used as “subscriber bait” for the 2013 MOTUC Club Eternia Subscription.  The picture was provided by Pixel Dan, Matty’s go to man for video reviews and the such … they probably wanted to give him a little exclusive for the work he has done for them as he is launching his new site.

So go ahead and click here to check out the picture of the MOTUC Mosquitor foot.

We really don’t get let down often (if ever) with MOTUC, but he has a pretty awesome predecessor to live up to:



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