MOTUC News: Vykron is the SDCC 2012 Exclusive

We have been waiting all month for Matty to finally reveal the SDCC exclusive for this year.  Finally on the last Friday of April they have announced Vykron is the SDCC 2012 exclusive.  Based off the Roger Sweet trio pitch for the 1982 vintage line it comes with the ‘buck’ and parts to make all three characters.  Coming in at a sweet $30 this SDCC 2012 exclusive can be yours!  Check out the pictures:


If clothes make the He-Man®, then this pitch prototype for the 1982 lineup is destined to be the star of the MOTU 30th Anniversary celebration thanks to a choice of three outfits: barbarian, spaceman, and military warrior! You’ll get him in-package dressed as a barbarian only at SDCC , but you can find him here at after the show packed as a spaceman or military warrior (all three outfits are included regardless of where he’s purchased). Want to know more about this multi-purpose warrior? Set includes one “buck,” or figure, with three different outfits/helmets to interchange between space, military and barbarian looks. Check back for the history of Vykron™, soon to be disclosed…

Go ahead and check out Matty’s site for the other reveals …

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