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As you may or may not have heard by now, Matty announced their 2012 SDCC exclusives including the Masters of the Universe Classics version of Vykron.  Vykron is going to be the name of the Roger Sweet trio, the original prototypes pitched that would eventually become He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  As per usual this sent the He-Man community into a spin of all kinds of emotions; some loved it, some had to sit on it, but a surprising number of people really did not like the idea at all.

After reading over a lot of people’s thoughts on the subject I wanted to gather my own thoughts and try to explain why I think this is a great idea for the 30th anniversary’s SDCC exclusive.

First, this is where it all started … we’ve seen prototypes and sketches come to life in this line before.  This was the pitch that started it all.  It’s completely insane, makes absolutely no sense, and fits in perfectly with everything else Masters of the Universe!  A guy that looks like a barbarian, Boba Fett, and a guy with a tank on his head … these fit in perfectly with mechanical elephant heads, skeleton faces, and giant crabs.

So yes, I believe it makes sense.  I also see the argument that this is taking away from a figure slot that can be used for Ram-Man.  Ram-Man should never be a convention exclusive, if there is one figure that needs to anchor a subscription and should be in it, it’s Ram-Man.  Items like the Roger Sweet trio and Mo-Larr are the items that exclusives should be … one-off characters that don’t necessarily fit into the mythos, but a certain demographic will find it fun to have.  Palisades (RIP) used to be really good at making themed convention exclusives.  They would do stuff like Adventure Kermit (Kermit dressed like Indiana Jones) or Super Beaker (Beaker dressed like the Rocketeer) for conventions.  So you wouldn’t have to go to the convention to get an original Kermit, but if you want to get the fun one with a cool theme it is there for you.

The other thing I like about this figure is the amount of parts it adds to the collection.  This is a HUGE advantage of the buck system because these parts will fit on almost every figure in the line.  If you don’t necessarily want to use a part on Vykron’s buck there are other options.  I think the tank parts may go great with the palace guard’s body or even the upcoming Snake Man-At-Arms body … in case you don’t want a dude with a tank head you can make him more robotic.  Want to stick a jet pack on your palace guards?  Do it.  The possibilities are huge and I think customizers are going to be very interested in getting some of these parts.

I look over these pictures put together to show the original pitch figures, Emiliano Santalucia’s designs, and the final product and love what they did.  Sure they aren’t exactly as detailed as Emiliano’s but his drawings probably didn’t have a budget behind them either.  I kind of wish they could have added King Grayskull’s cape for the barbarian look though, I’m not positive what exactly is on the back of the MOTUC version.  I understand why the Boba Fett mask got modified … shame they couldn’t have struck some kind of deal with Lucas or Hasbro or whoever handles things like that.

I’m not sure if I am looking at him wrong, but it does look as though the original tank guy could hold his gun with both hands.  That’s one thing I really wish the bucks in this line could do.  Tank guy, as I will lovingly call him going forward, is by far my favorite.  If I was to only display one he will be my guy.  However I am thinking I will probably get all three to get them all on my shelf.  I am not crazy, but I did contemplate buying six so I could have one of each in package as well … but the $180 price tag brought me back down to earth. (Note: He will be displayed on card in his three different looks, the barbarian look is the SDCC exclusive version.  After SDCC you will be able to order the Boba Fett, and tank versions on Matty’s shop)

In closing I think people should just embrace the craziness that is MOTUC.  Sure it will eventually end but we have a long ways to go from there.  We have over 70 original figures in the line already and more than likely your favorite figure will be made.  Enjoy the ride and the strange things like Vykron we pick up along the way … I think time will be good to the guy and he will be looked back on fondly (similar to Demo-Man) when all is said and done.

2 thoughts on “My thoughts: Vykron”

  1. I’m not too crazy about Vykron being the SDCC exclusive, but I can see why he was chosen.

    I like the barbarian look the best.

    1. I’m a pretty big fan of the tank myself. Although it is a bummer that the back of the tank feet are open.

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